IDF Pilots May Be Bombing for Saudis In Yemen

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Israel has common interests with Saudi Arabia in Yemen,

we might send F16 warplanes to help Saudis to bomb Yemeni rebels; Israeli officials


Lt. Col. Peter Lerner

On Thursday, Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, the IDF spokesperson in a joint press conference with Egyptian military officials in Cairo tried to insinuate the idea of potential Saudi-Israeli co-operation in striking Houthi Shiite rebels – a close ally of Saudi Arabia’s arch-enemy, Iran–, albeit Mr. Lerner did not explicitly specify whether the Israeli F16 pilots themselves would take part in combat or just military assistance and experts is what Israel can offer.

“We have common enemy in Yemen and we shall face Iran’s increasing interference in that country but unfortunately the Saudis are utterly hapless to rout rebels’ encroachment, thus to break the status quo we made sincere proposals to our Saudi partners,” the Kuwaiti News Agency (KUNA) cited the Israeli official as saying.

The security of Bab-el-Mandeb waterway is of essential importance for Israeli national interest, added Lt. Col. Lerner, and we won’t let Iranians or their Yemeni stalwarts to seize the southern port city of Aden, hence our Air Force can dispatch fighter jets to pound the Houthi rebels and subsequently Iran would loosen its grip, but due to considerable geographical distance between Israel and Yemen we must use Saudi air bases to refuel.

Meanwhile , tens of thousands of indignant Yemenis took to the streets of Sana’a’, the capital city of Yemen, in protest to the ongoing Saudi siege and atrocious war crimes committed by Saudi regime.  The Yemeni demonstrators held placards reading “No to colonial plots, No to blockade and No to war”. Chanting anti-Saudi slogans, participants held banners condemning the so-called Saudi-led coalition targeting the Yemeni civilians.

The protesters called for the option of ‘resistance’ as the sole strategy to face the Saudi-Israeli aggression declaring their support for Abdul-Malik al-Houthi and his decisions of resorting to decisive defensive measures—probably using long-rang Squad missiles.

Yemeni demonstrators slammed UN and other international organizations for failing to condemn the Saudi war against their country which resulted in killing of civilians, among them children, women and the elderly and the deliberate destruction of the civilian infrastructure. Moreover, the Yemenis called on International community to protect Yemenis from Saudi crimes and bring an immediate end to Saudi aggression and their al-Qaeda affiliated militias.

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