Saudis Do Contortions To Condemn Paris ISIS Attacks, Without Condemning Wahhabi “Islam”

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Saudi’s top clerics, Gulf countries condemn Paris attack

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Gulf countries say the attack is against Islamic values [but NOT against Wahhabi “values”–ed.].

[The Salafists would consider all of the victims to be dead “kafiir,” infidels.]

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Saudi Arabia’s highest religious body condemned on Saturday a coordinated assault by gunmen and bombers across Paris as contrary to Islamic values.

“Terrorists are not sanctioned by Islam and these acts are contrary to values of mercy it brought to the world,” said a statement by the Council of Senior Scholars carried by the Saudi Press Agency.

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The statement by the council, the only body in the country authorised to issue fatwas or Islamic legal opinions, said that eliminating terrorism worldwide would require a “concerted effort” from a “unified moral stance”.

The Qatari foreign ministry condemned the “armed attacks and bombings” in a statement cited by official agency QNA, saying they “contradict with all moral and humanitarian principles and values”.

There were also condemnations from Bahrain and Kuwait, and from Abdellatif Zayani, the head of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) which also includes Oman.

“I wanted to express our condolences to the government and people of France for the heinous terrorist attacks that took place yesterday which are in violation and contravention of all ethics, morals and religions,” Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir said.

The Saudi foreign minister made his remarks in Vienna where he is attending international talks aimed at finding a solution to end the four year war in Syria, where Daesh holds swathes of territory.