Paris Police Corner Escaped Shooters, Female Suicide Bomber Detonates Vest—(ongoing 5:00 am, est)

Paris attacks: Police, suspects exchange gunfire during raid


At least seven explosions were heard at the scene of a police standoff with suspects in last week’s deadly Paris attacks. Police say the suspected mastermind of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, is believed to be holed up in the area. (Nov. 18) AP

French police stormed an apartment Wednesday in the northern Paris suburb of Saint Denis where at least two suspected terrorists, including a female suicide bomber, linked to last week’s attacks have been killed. The raid is still unfolding.

One person may still be holed up in the apartment.

French media said police are targeting the suspected mastermind of the attacks that killed at least 129 people. But it was not clear if Abdelhamid Abaaoud, 27, a Belgian national, was the person in the apartment in Saint Denis.

Periodic gunfire and explosions could be heard in the area, which is in a northern part of Paris, about 5-6 miles from the city center, and close to the Stade de France stadium, where three suicide bombers blew themselves up Friday.

At least three policemen have been injured during the operation, which began in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Five people have been arrested, three of those were in the apartment and another two were nearby.

The suicide bomber blew herself up as police attempted to enter the apartment.

Residents have been evacuated and placed in shelters in the town hall, French journalist Djamel Mazi said on Twitter. Schools and shops in the area have been closed and residents are being urged to remain indoors.

At least one civilian passerby may have been killed. No hostages were being held.

Europe remains on high alert after Friday’s attacks that have left more than 400 people wounded, with dozens still in the hospital in intensive care.

On Tuesday night, German authorities cancelled an exhibition game between Germany and the Netherlands amid a bomb scare.