Russian Official Questions Sincerity of the American and French Anti-ISIS Bombing Campaign

Russian official calls into question the motives of the Americans and the French

to strike oil installations controlled by the organization “Daash” terrorist in Syria and Iraq



Moscow, (SANA)

Questioned Ilya Rogachev, director of the challenges and issues new threats in the Russian Foreign Ministry today in the motives behind the steering number of strikes oil installations Western countries under the control of the organization “Daash” terrorist in Iraq and Syria.

The news agency TASS ROGACHEV saying in an interview with the Russian newspaper Kommersant published today that “executing strikes led by the United States against Daash which is still ongoing for over a year now did not cause any real damage to infrastructure oil installations controlled by the terrorist organization which carried out 8,000 sorties In a quarter of cases, air planes returned to their positions without exhausting their ammunition under the pretext that there was no targets to hit her while organizing Daash continue extracting oil from the fields and start building new fields where oil transport trucks roam its region. “

Commenting on the strikes carried out by France against oil installations in Syria Russian official said that “the French jumping in this strike from the fact that their sense of inevitable victory of military operations of the Syrian army and the imperative to restore control of the oil fields to the Syrian government.”

Rogachev said that French aircraft are not similar strikes on terrorist targets in Iraq.

He added Rogachev “The Western experts drew attention to the ambiguity of the Western position in this regard,” noting that “the Americans might be woken after comments launched by political analysts and they have to strike at oil facilities in Iraq and it is impossible not to note that these steps were taken by the coalition forces under the influence of decisive and effective strikes carried out by the Russian Aviation “Was wondering coalition’s goal of causing a loss of actual military organization” Daash “terrorist.

He said: “It is because the experts noted last year that the organization Daash terrorist produced about 30 thousand barrels of oil per day, the figure now will be between forty to fifty thousand barrels,” pointing out that the UN Security Council Resolution 2199 stressed that oil trade illegal carried out by the “Daash” is his main source of funding and is therefore called on all nations to confront the phenomenon.

The Russian aviation began to carry out air operations on regulatory sites “Daash and Al-Nusra Front” terrorists in Syria on 30 last September at the request of Syria.