Kunduz Fall Attributed To Surrender and Cowardice, Just Like Ramadi and Mosul In Iraq

[The phenomenon of ISIS has demonstrated a clear M.O., rising-up as the opposition and all resistance simply melted-away (SEE:  Iraq army leaders to face trial for surrender to ‘Islamic State’ in Ramadi ; 130 Iraqi officers under investigation or forced retirement for surrendering Mosul to ISIS ).  Is this explained by massive bribery, secret deals of a geostrategic nature, or is it that the inadequate training that US Forces have been giving its former enemies is being exposed as a great, cruel sham perpetuated upon unsuspecting fledgling armies?]

Kunduz city fell to Taliban due to failure in govt leadership: Saleh


By Khaama Press

 fall of Kunduz city




Amrullah Saleh


The control of the strategic Kunduz city in northern Afghanistan fell to Taliban control due to government’s failure in leadership and structural complexity.

The former Afghan intelligence chief Amrullah Saleh who was leading a delegation to investigate the fall of Kunduz city said Saturday that over 2,000 documents related to the fall of Kunduz were reviewed besides interviewing several people including government officials and ordinary citizens.

Saleh further added that the main question in their investigation was “Whether Kunduz city fell due to a conspiracy or a failure or whether both factors were involved?”

He said the delegation did not find any evidences regarding the involvement of any conspiracy in the fall of the city.

According to Saleh, the delegation concentrated on three main subjects, including strategic leadership, condition of institutions structure and condition of access to facilities.

Saleh said one of the main strategic errors of the government ahead of fall of the city was ignorance of the fall of other districts of Kunduz province including Dasht-e-Archi and Chahar Dara.

He also added that the Taliban militants continued to weaken the Afghan Local Police by taking control of Aqtash and Khanabad district.

According to Saleh, the Taliban militants entered to Kunduz city after weakening the Afghan Local Police and in the meantime starting war in the other parts of the north including Badakhshan, forcing the Afghan National Army troops to disperse.

He said there was a vacuum in the leadership as the Taliban launched coordinated attack on Kunduz city on 28th September and called US air support as the turning point in Kunduz war as the Taliban militants were close to take control of the airport.

Saleh said the delegation has exposed vacuums available in the operational method of the National Security Council led by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in their report, calling it a main factor which led to the fall of Kunduz city.

He also added that all the institutions and government officials who are to be blamed for the fall of the city, mainly due to negligence have bee exposed in their report.