Islam? No, it is All About Oil

[SEE: America’s “Islamists” Go Where Oilmen Fear to Tread]

Islam? No, it is All About Oil

Gord Cowie

We need some perspective here. First we have the senseless attacks on Paris and now an attack on San Bernardino. These are wonderful distractions, one coming right after Obama assured the world that Daesh was contained and the other after he assured America that there were no terrorist plots against it. Does anyone remember the TPP? We are getting close to the vote but we are all talking about these horrible people who are faithful to Islam instead.

The mass media neglects to mention that Muslims, not Islam, have been bombed and killed in their streets and in their homes for more than a decade now by the United States and its allies, Britain, France and NATO. If there is Islamaphobia in the west then it surely comes from an intense sense of guilt, with a healthy dose of incessant propaganda. If there are radicalized middle easterners, then they surely come from watching their countries destroyed and from burying their relatives in the prime of life for far too long now and in ever increasing numbers.

This mess has nothing to do with Islam which is no more than today’s Japanese Americans, all interned by the USA during WWll as potential terrorists, or Mexican immigrants who are all rapists according to Presidential candidate Donald Trump, currently ahead in all of the polls. They are the modern day African Americans, the ‘N word’ people. We have to stop buying in to this racial discrimination that is always perpetrated to advance western objectives that their own people would never agree to in the absence of a terrifying enemy, real or imagined.

The western allied incursions into Syria came one year after Bashar al-Assad declined to allow an American/Qatari consortium to run a pipeline from Qatar to Europe across his country. Syria has been a close ally of the Russian Federation ever since it was the USSR and this proposal ran contrary to his country’s national interests. America and friends gathered up Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and began an illegal insurrection against the legitimately elected government of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Iran and Iraq, both Islamic States, along with Hezbollah, joined with Russia in responding to the Syrian governments request for assistance, under the terms of long standing agreements with the Russian Federation and in full conformity with international law. They mounted a campaign to eliminate Daesh that is proving to be highly effective. As the combined offensive reached the northern borders, Turkey was exposed as the facilitator that enables Daesh to sell oil on the open market, making them the de-facto financiers of this terrorist group

When the Russian offensive interrupted the illegal flow of oil from both Syria and Iraq, Turkey foolishly downed a Russian aircraft over Syrian territory with no advanced warning. Russia showed that until now, Baghdad and Damascus each control the southern parts of their respective countries all the way up to the oil fields that Daesh is exploiting. Above that line are the Turkish and the American allied forces.

Now Turkey has sent hundreds of troops, tanks and heavy artillery into Iraq without getting consent from Baghdad. This is a clear violation of international law. They are camped just 800 metres from the Daesh controlled oil fields, with the CIA on their right and the Kurds on their left. It looks like these guys are getting ready to protect the oil flow through Turkey and the cash flow to Daesh. Western policy has long called for the division of Iraq into different countries, separating the oil rich north from the south of the country.
This has nothing to do with Islam, it’s all about oil folks. Stick to the facts and this mess isn’t all that complicated to understand.

The Recalcitrant Hippy


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