Unbelieveable Diving Suits and the Maniacs Who Wear Them


3 thoughts on “Unbelieveable Diving Suits and the Maniacs Who Wear Them

  1. did not know base jumping interested you. I skydived for many years. Relative work, CRW (canopy relative work) was my fave. Base jumping and wing suits are the ultimate adrenaline rush I must admit, next to getting in a good canopy wrap of course. The good old days when I was able to afford such expensive hobbies. Such is life after marriage.–[Nearly everything interests me to some degree. Always wanted to parachute, but the opportunity never arose. In hindsight, probably all I have missed is just a few more broken bones. I find these suits amazing and those who wear them somewhat insane, in their trusting their lives to polymers and fabric. I guess I posted the video as an interest in the that I will never experience in this life. Earth life to me, is awesome to experience, in all its diversity. My interest in world news flows from my childlike awe in the earthly things that surround me and the bad taste left in my mouth from wondering why some people tried so hard to make life so much harder than it has to be.–Peter]

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