Yemeni Armed Forces Warn of Saudi Bombing Escalation During One-Sided “Ceasefire”

Armed Forces spokesman warns of the danger of military escalation of the forces of aggression and blatant violation of the cease-fire


Gen. Luqman  Brigadier General Ghalib Luqman, official spokesman of the Armed Forces
SANA’A, (Saba) –
He warned the official spokesman of the Armed Forces Brigadier General Ghalib honor Luqman, of the seriousness of what the coalition forces and their mercenaries aggression on the ground, it is a flagrant violation of the cease-fire called by the United Nations yesterday. Brigadier-General Lukman, in a statement to the state news agency Saba that unjust war waged by states led by Saudi Arabia alliance aggression I still ongoing and did not stop, but on the contrary there is a significant escalation by them during the past two days. “

“The forces of aggression has intensified its air, sea and land bombardment of hundreds of communities and vital installations in the last 48 hours.”

He noted that the front sleepless instigated saw the intensity of the fires is unsurpassed by Saudi forces of aggression with continuing attempts to crawl backing Aviation F-16 and Apache, with the approach of warships hostile from the west coast of the Republic of Yemen and intense shelling on the coast of the province of Hodeidah, especially on the city beard .. pointing out Attempts to creep forces of aggression and their mercenaries in front of Marib are no other users of all arms in heavy shelling on the diamond area stop.

He said Brigadier General Lokman this escalation by the forces of aggression, despite the start of negotiations, Switzerland, the definitive guide to arrogance and arrogance of the leaders of aggression and lack of respect for the call of the United Nations cease-fire.

He stressed that the escalation based suspicious and dangerous military moves by the Saudi side does not represent the behavior of a simple violations can be overlooked, but rather a war fact continuing even tougher than ever before in desperate attempts to occupy any part of the territory of the Republic of Yemen .. stressing that the army and people’s committees in front of this escalation dangerous and internecine war being waged on our people Yemeni peaceful and patient and steadfast in the face of aggression will be forced Wen to defend and react strongly to the attacks blatant obvious cease-fire breaches.

He held the official spokesman of the Armed Forces states alliance aggression and the United Nations Committee on the monitoring of the ceasefire responsible for what is happening on the ground of violation and destruction and killing of the Yemeni people and the consequent reactions of nature by the army and the popular committees against such violations.


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