sons of malcolm

A few comments by myself: Syria has faced and continues to face, as it says in this meme from Malcolm X Movement, the COMBINED forces of global imperialism and its regional allies and connected supremacist death squads since early 2011. As we know from many sources not least Gen Wesley Clark’s admission that Syria was on the imperialist target list, and that the Brits had a similar plan to destroy Syria way back in 1957. So for nearly five years this massive barrage has been visited upon the Syrian people, who their leadership and regional and global allies have fought back this onslaught.

They did so with the help of the Iranians, Hizbullah and most recently the Russian airstrikes which has been in THIS phase of the Syrian Resistance THE crucial strategic ingredient, as the Resistance was being forced back by the incessant influx of death squads coming in especially from the Syrian-Turkish border. The Syrian-Russian partnership in this Syrian defensive war of liberation has in the past month or so reversed the trajectory of the liberation war, has terrified the Turks and their Nato backers, has taken considerable territory away from the death squads and has got imperialism clamouring to cut their losses, losses which are taking place day by day.

Compounded by the ‘refugee crisis’ which is resulting in ‘Europe’ tearing itself apart, imperialism has to some considerable extent negotiate a short to mid term defeat in Syria by the latest UNSC resolution. Important to note that Putin/Lavrov and the Russians changed the USA text on the resolution which called for the removal of President Assad.

The UNSC resolution states that it seeks a nationwide ceasefire, considers leading imperialist and regional death squads of Daesh and Nusra to be outside this process (and thus, game for incineration by Syrian-Russian forces, before the ceasefire), states that other terrorist groups can be added to this (so our side will be pushing for the death squads Ahrar al-Sham, ‘Jaish Islam’, and others to be included in that list), but most importantly perhaps DOES NOT state anything about removing Assad, but wants a unity government with those in the opposition who are not outside the pale. Now, OF COURSE this will be fought over between our side (Syria, Iran, Russia, China etc), but lets be very clear: it is a historic admission of defeat and a massive climbdown from the very leading global forces who sought to do to Syria what they did to Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003), Somalia and Libya (2011).

The order of the day right now is to ensure that Syria and Russia go full steam ahead, and then some more, to wipe out the as many of the death squads as possible. As the saying goes: nothing is won on the negotiating table that is not won on the battlefield. And that’s the order of the day.

Once again, make no mistake, imperialism will be looking to play all manner of dirty games here in on, that is part of the very nature of imperialism. Indeed, western capitalism and colonialism or imperialism is in its central feature a global war of terrorism, exploitation and genocide. However, we can and must win short term and mid term strategic victories in battles in the wider historic and inter-generational war of liberation to totally wipe out imperialism.

Imperialism has green-lighted Turkey to shoot down the Russian jet, but that backfired as Syria and Putin matched that dirty move by putting in place the S-400 missile shelf in Syria, and Putin recently said to the Turkish govt: ‘now try it on with us in Syria!’. Imperialism has sent in Turkish troops against Iraq in Mosul, but that will only spur on the anti-imperialist forces in Iraq to move against this invasion. Imperialism has tried to muscle in on Syrian airspace, but as Lavrov said just today, the imperialists must take the Russian lead on this.

In a more critical reflection of things in the last five years, we contemplate with sadness and tears that we lost the Jamhariya in Libya, which was the shelf of not only Africa but the entire world. We see the tragic events in Tunisia, Egypt but especially Yemen: there is much to do to sort out the devastating horror that the Arab Sting opened up and was designed to open up considering the lack of united popular anti-imperialist patriotic forces in Tunisia and Egypt and elsewhere. Don’t play with power, lest you get the horror story that the people impacted by the Sting have had to contend with.

Much to do, a million challenges confront us, but the Syrians and the Russians have seized the time and have done the very best they could considering their own capacities which are not limitless as well as contending with the upping of the imperialist war against Russia and China.

All our forward fronts of our global struggle is under direct attack, Syria was the epicentre and remains so of our global resistance. But thank God and all glories to our martyrs, their families and our leaderships that we are seeing the day that we are clearly pushing back on this murderous and imperialist supremacist war of destruction.

Let’s remember and honour and love those that stood by in a steadfast and rock-like manner, and humiliation and dishonour to those who wavered and sniped at us and our leaderships.

All further victories to the Russians! To the Iranians! To Hizbullah! To the Chinese!

But most of all, to the glorious and heroic Syrian people and their armed forces, paramilitary forces and leadership!

– Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm