Zionist Progeny ISIS Isssues False Threats Against Itself

[The Zionist entity must be feeling left-out, ordering its ISIS progeny to issue false threats against itself.]


[SEE:  Why Hasn’t ISIS/Al-Qaeda Ever Attacked Israel? ; Why isn’t the Islamic State fighting Israel?  ]

ISIS leader Baghdadi to Jews: Palestine will be your graveyard

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7 thoughts on “Zionist Progeny ISIS Isssues False Threats Against Itself

  1. HAY RUSSIA SELL the Isralies all that OIL they will gladly purchase with the food stamp money from the POOR tax payers of the USA. 2 birds 1 stone?

  2. The CIA and FBI, under, Jewish Organized Crime Control, has stage multiple false flag attacks on the American people, so would it be so outrageous for The Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, another name for the Mossad, to attack Jewish Organized Crime Headquarters?

  3. Weird, Palestinians are kiled by ISIS/Turks and even Hezb soldiers and people are been betrayed by them, why on earth should the Palestinians have any reason for ealing with this scums.
    I dont belive a word of this ISIS and Palestinian conection.

    The One whom is having any conection directly and by even their prime min. is Israel.
    The ISIS/Turkish airforce for years.
    The IDF even Nuked an Chiken farm in Lebanon.

    The ISIS/Turks is one massive mafie org, whom is behind is obvious, coi bono.


  4. now this would be a great picture if it were to come true, but i do not beleive it, israel is isis, they help them all the time, they bomb them for isis, no ISISI IS ISRAEL, PERIOD.

  5. …my oh my, false flag alert, I repeat, false flag alert! Lilith and her Israeli wars by way of deception. …at’s all you got left snake head?

  6. Isis has conducted attacks in israel. On hamas that is. Yes, they claim hamas, who were labeled extremists by amerisrael weren’t extreme enough and attacked them. But they did not attack fatah, which gets its orders from israel and isn’t considered “extremist”. More to the point they operated in israeli borders and DID NOT TOUCH A SINGLE ISRAELI. What a helping hand that must’ve been to israel for isis to attack the very people israel bombards year after year. This is nothing but a sham, israel might want to go into syria and this will be a way for them. To claim they’re fighting isis. Let’s also not forget, israel treats wounded isis and other terrorist fighters in their hospitals. With Russia and Iranian troops doing a number on isis and changing the plans it has to be made to look good fo israel and the nato forces who did nothing (obvious why) for so long.

  7. I have been waiting for this. The fact that ISIS never attack Israel has been getting some play.

    But if the promise is ever fulfilled, you can bet the attacks will be hoaxes, or misdirected ‘rocket’ attacks that land harmlessly in the desert, just like the ones that have been blamed on the Palestinians.

    By way of deception thou shalt do war

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