Troops Still Waiting For Orders To Launch Helmand Operation


Embattled Afghan security forces in the southern province of Helmand said Sunday they are still waiting for orders from the central government to launch military operations in various parts of the province.

The security forces have warned that more areas in the province could collapse to the Taliban unless a quick and decisive action is taken to eliminate the Taliban.

TOLOnews correspondents Wali Arian and Abdullah Hamim who are embedded with troops in the volatile province report from the battlefield that security forces have raised their concerns about the deteriorating situation and lack of orders.

Forces on the ground have said that the Taliban even poses a threat to Lashkargah – the capital of the province.

“The situation is critical here. Taliban operate in many villages around here. Last night Taliban attacked our base,” an Afghan National Army soldier on the frontline told TOLOnews.

“We are still waiting the order for war – right now there is no problem in terms of military hardware, we have heavy weapons. But we are waiting orders,” another soldier said.

Meanwhile, security forces in Nad-e-Ali district have also said that they too are awaiting orders to launch a decisive operation against Taliban in the area.

“There is three to four kilometer distance to the center of the province and there is no other security belt except this,” an officer of the Afghan border police said.

“So far we have not received the order to launch an operation. The order for an operation is related to the high level officials and does not belong to us; we have to obey orders. We joined the army to serve and defend and move ahead and not slide backwards,” another soldier said.

Helmand province, once a Taliban stronghold in the south, has been under frequent attack by the Taliban over the past fourteen years – reportedly because of it being a good income provider as it is the key poppy growing area in the country.

Syria Kills Replacement Leader for Jaish al-Islam, After Killing Previous Supremo Aloush Yesterday

Essam al-Boudani, yang juga dikenal sebagai Abu Hamam

Jeish al-Islam: Not 24 Hours Substitute Zahran Allouch Also Killed


Islam-Institute, DAMASCUSSyrian forces hunted down and raided the headquarters of Jeish al-Islam, and the troops had killed a number of terrorists were expected to the latest leader of the terror group were also among the dead.

FNA reported on Saturday (27/12) yesterday that Essam al-Boudani, Zahran substitute Aallouch who died less than 24 hours after being elected were among those killed in the terror group’s headquarters in Douma, south of Damascus, the Syrian army incursion.

“The hideout commanders Jeish al-Islam that the new, Essam al-Boudani, also known as Abu Hamam, in Hajjariyeh, Douma besieged by the Syrian army,” a military source said on Saturday afternoon, “the Syrian forces received information from source- as intelligence sources about the hiding place of al-Boudani this morning, “he added.

“A number of the new commander of the guard were also killed or injured in the attack, the terrorist group’s head office has been completely destroyed,” he explained. The source said that the fate of al-Boudani itself until now could not be confirmed completely.

On Friday last, supreme commander Jeish al Islam, Zahran Allouch, a man known for kesadisannya in announcing the ethnic cleansing in Syria, was killed in an air strike Syrian forces in East Ghouta, Damascus.

Previous rumors that Zahran Allouch killed in Russian air attacks, but later confirmed that the Air Force turns Syrian army is the party that has carried out the attack that killed the commander Zahran Allouch and several other terrorist forces are.

A few hours after the death of Zahran Allouch, officials Jeish al-Islam held an emergency meeting to elect a new leader. Among the 12 deputy commander and aide-aide Zahran Allouch, elected as leader Jeish al-Islam is Essam al-Boudani. But not until 24 hours after the election of Essam al-Boudani, it seems he must surrender to death at the hands of Syrian forces. (AL / ARN)