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German Anti-Refugee Attacks Creating “Pogrom Atmosphere,” Leipzig police chief

“There pogrom atmosphere”


“Five refugee homes were attacked in Saxony alone on weekends.” Leipzig police chief speaks of a new dimension of right-wing violence.

The Leipzig police chief Bernd Merbitz Described the attacks against asylum accommodation as "cowardly crime".
The Leipzig police chief Bernd Merbitz described the attacks against asylum accommodation as “cowardly crime”. © Arno Burgi / dpa


After unknowns have attacked several refugee homes in Saxony weekend, warns the Leipzig police chief Bernd Merbitz before increasing right-wing violence. In Germany conquer “a pogrom atmosphere that gets a cross dangerous intensity” Merbitz told the Leipziger Volkszeitung.

A communication from the police Merbitz described the attacks against asylum accommodation also as “cowardly crime”. This reflected not only the political views, but also the inability of the offender, empathy, consideration and compassion to show for Vulnerable. It should “be no room for xenophobia, racism, hatred or violence” in Saxony.

In Leipzig, Grimma and Chemnitz were asylum accommodation target of attacks such as the Operative Response Centre (focuser) told the police. Hurt no one was there. The State Security has taken over the investigation and is in these four cases by a xenophobic background out. “We are heading for a situation to make use of the violent mood maker fear of people deliberately to incite hysteria against asylum policy and to justify violence against the refugees,” Merbitz, who also directs the focuser said.

In Leipzig tried on Saturday a group of up to seven criminals to ignite a self-made explosive device from spray cans, fire lighters and paper in front of a future refugee accommodation. The attack failed. The police investigation for inducing an explosion.

Hand grenade attack on refugee camp Unknown persons attempted a refugee camp with a hand grenade attack, but which do not explode in Villingen-Schwenningen. A special commission with 75 task forces set up to enlightenment.

Also in Leipzig penetrated Unknown weekend in a planned community property and distributed on several floors a flammable liquid. Then he tried to ignite the mixture, the fire went out but. Police are investigating in this case of attempted arson.

In Grimma unknown pelted on Friday evening window of refugees home with ballast stones. Three stones caused explosions and cracks. No one was injured. The inhabitants of the room kept at the material time in an adjoining room on. In Chemnitz threw three masked perpetrators on Saturday stones at windows of a refugee center. Several disks were damaged, was injured nobody.

A fifth case occurred in Oelsnitz in the Vogtland on Friday night. There the offender pushed together several dumpsters and set them on fire. In the property live underage unaccompanied refugees. The criminal Time determined in “all directions”, it said.

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