(updated)–Chinese Press Reports 130 Taliban Surrender Arms To Govt

Taliban Afghanistan

130 Taliban militants give up fighting in N. Afghanistan: official


Source: Xinhua  

MAIMANA, Afghanistan, Feb. 28 (Xinhua) — About 130 Taliban rebels renounced violence and surrendered to the government in Afghanistan’s northern province of Faryab on Sunday, the provincial governor said.

“We sincerely welcome our 130 brothers who denounced the violence and joined the peace and reconciliation process today,” governor Sayyed Anwar Saadat told audience at a welcoming ceremony held here.

The local government will spare no efforts to help the former insurgents to rejoin their families and provide them with jobs, the official added.

The surrendered had been active in Khwaja Sabz Poosh district in the province, 425 km northwest of Kabul.

They also handed over dozens of rounds of weapons and ammunition to the security authorities at the ceremony.

Taliban militants fighting the government have yet to make comments.

More than 10,000 Taliban militants have laid down arms and joined the government-backed peace and reconciliation process over the past six years, according to Afghan officials.