Saudis Stalling for Time for ISIS In Mosul?

Abadi: Hashd al-Shaabi participates in Mosul liberation20 February 2016

“Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Saturday that the Hashd al-Shaabi militias will participate in the Mosul liberation operation.”

Saudis walk out of Arab League meeting after Iraqi minister´s comments

“The Saudi delegation withdrew from the meeting hall after the speech of Foreign Minister Al-Jaafari who rejected speaking against Hashd Shaabi and other resistance groups,” the source said, declining to be named.

“In his speech he said that Hashd Shaabi and Hezbollah have preserved the dignity of the Arabs and those who call them terrorists are the terrorists,” he said.

[It is obvious that Saudi staged its recent “Northern Thunder” (‘Ra’ad Al-Shamal’) war games to intimidate both Syria and Iran, but is that the scenario which was rehearsed (Why Saudis may take on Iraq’s Shiite militias)?]

Saudis Pay Pakistan $122 Million For “Northern Thunder” Air Show

Hezbollah warns Saudi Arabia with war in case of invasion in Iraq

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Saudi Arabia, together with Egypt, Sudan, Jordan and several other Arab and Islamic countries, performed the biggest military exercise in the Middle Eastern history on the Saudi-Iraqi border

The biggest Sunni military training in the Middle East called “Northern Thunder” caused the reaction of the Iraqi Shia militia group, Hezbollah.

Israeli daily, Jerusalem Post, reported that a military spokesman for Hezbollah in Iraq said that the Shia fighters will “slaughter” the Saudi forces if they try to invade Iraq.

According to the Israeli daily, ground and air forces from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan and several other Arab and Islamic countries launched the biggest military training exercise in the Middle East, on the Saudi-Iraqi border. The exercise is expected to last 18 days and involves about 150 thousand soldiers.

On Thursday, military forces of the Saudi-led coalition approached the Iraqi border and Hezbollah brigades instantly started mobilizing their forces to the border.

Besides Hezbollah, Ahmed Assadi, the spokesman for Iraq’s formation of Shiite militia groups, named Popular Mobilization Units said on Saturday that Saudi Arabia should be careful when conducting drills near the Iraqi border, as it will become a “graveyard” for those who wish to violate Iraq’s sovereignty.

“We want to clearly tell them…on behalf of all the resistance fighters in Iraq, all the soldiers, that the country’s border will be a graveyard for anyone who tries to approach it or touches the Iraqi land,” Assadi said according to the Iraqi television channel Alsumaria.

The “Northern Thunder” also worries many Iraqi politicians as it takes place too close to the Iraqi borders. The exercise is expected to last 18 days and involves about 150 thousand soldiers.

According to the Russian website, Sputnik, the member of the parliamentary security and defense committee Adnan al-Asadi told the Iraqi news agency INA that Iraq has deployed “large” military forces at the border with Saudi Arabia to oversee the ongoing military training. Asadi warned that any possible violation of Iraq’s airspace will be regarded as a violation of the stated sovereignty.

According to Sputnik another Iraqi politician Iskander Vitvit, also accused Saudi Arabia, the US and Turkey of trying to divide Iraq. “These maneuvers (meaning the military exercise) are a part of the plan on Iraq’s division, supported by Saudi Arabia and the United States, in coordination with Turkey. But they are well aware that Iraq is no longer the same as before and that it is ready to fight back,” he said.



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