Hellfire Missiles Found On Civilian Airliner Travelling From Beirut to Belgrade

[US officials claimed that the warheads were “inert training dummies.”  This source claims that they were packaged as models, another reported that they were in coffins.]

Dogs found rockets with explosives

Radio Television of Vojvodina

At the airport “Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade on Saturday night found the two rockets with explosive charges that were transported from Beirut via Belgrade and London to New York.
  • Пројектили утоварени у Бејруту
  • Ракета АГМ-114

Apparently this is smuggling weapons because the rockets were packed as the school model and had such supporting documentation. However, the dogs smelled explosives in packages and by opening it was found that it is still a battlefield rockets and launched an investigation. The missiles were discovered by police dogs detected the presence of hexogen write Belgrade media.

Missiles length of 1.5 meters were in the airplane luggage on a regular line of “Air Serbia” in Belgrade who flew in from Beirut. Cases were immediately secured and an investigation was carried out.

As you learned, missiles and are not sent to Belgrade, but the final destination of the consignment should be London or New York, where he was to take them to some company that it is not excluded that the fictitious.

From “Air Serbia” confirmed that the rockets were found in a regular control at the airport.

– Cargo shipment that was transported to distant destination, previously identified at the airport thanks to strict measures of security controls. The airline assisting in the investigation. Safety and security are the main priorities of “Air Serbia” – stated in the company.

Two rockets were found last night at the airport “Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade, on the orders of the Third Prosecutor’s Office, were temporarily seized and taken away for questioning.

Former commander of the helicopter unit of the MUP of Serbia Slobodan Glavčić for N1 indicates that the two missiles were not allowed to meet in a regular shipment and must not be transported by passenger planes, because weapons are no special procedure by which carrying dangerous substances. He adds that it is necessary to examine how such a product in general, and missiles found and came to Serbia.

According to the information N1, it is about two guided missiles AGM 114, which can be installed on planes, helicopters and armored vehicles.

Military analyst Aleksandar Radic said, commenting on the fact that two rockets were found on the plane Er Serbia to the airport “Nikola Tesla” almost daily landing planes carrying military equipment, but have not transporting passengers. Problem boarding cargo is the responsibility of airport authorities and security of the country in which the aircraft receives a burden, he added.

– There are clear procedures followed by the Serbian EU acquis and adjusted their regulations to what the developed world. Defines clearly how it is transported, and in what conditions, everything belongs to the armament and military equipment – says Radic.

He said the N1, in addition to the licenses for import or export, there is a procedure of granting flights. The Ministry of Interior is in charge here, and what informs our case, the Operational Center of Defense and the estimated potential for causing some danger through a transport, Radic said. This refers to the dedicated transport by sea, land, air, and of course that means carrying something that could harm someone, it must be subject to a specific Procedure for.

Problem boarding cargo is the responsibility of airport authorities and security of the country in which the aircraft receives a burden, says Radic.

– He can “Air Serbia” or any company in the world that has its own security organs that will make these assessments, not on them … This is a debt airport and security structures of the country where the plane was boarded cargo and passengers … it is in this case the question of Lebanon and Beirut – said Radic.

Speaking about the found AGM 114, Radic said that this is a laser-guided missile that Americans use to combat helicopters “Apache, OH58D”. As he said, it should be in a combat kit squadron of 16 helicopters that would Croatia this year should have received as a donation from the US military.

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