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Iran Accepts Shipment of First Batch of Russian S-300 Surface-to-air Missiles

1st delivery of Russian S-300 air defense system arrives in Iran – Iranian FM


The first delivery of the Russian S-300 surface-to-air missile system has arrived in Iran, the country’s Foreign Ministry has announced.

“We had already announced that despite several changes in the time of delivery, the deal is on its path of implementation and today I should announce that the first part of this equipment has arrived in Iran and delivery of other parts will continue,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Jaberi Ansari told journalists, Mehr news agency reported.

He said the delivery came through the Caspian Sea, which both Iran and Russia border.

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Russia’s sale of S-300 missiles to Iran has a bumpy history. The deal was first signed in 2007, but was suspended by Russia under pressure from the US and Israel. Moscow said the delivery would destabilize regional security at a time when Tehran was accused of having a clandestine nuclear weapons program.

The contract was revived last year after Iran and six leading world powers signed a nuclear deal, which addressed concerns over a potential nuclear breakout by Tehran.

The S-300 system now being delivered by Russia is the result of a new deal signed with Iran in November, and is an upgraded version of the one that Tehran initially purchased. The delivery is expected to be complete by mid-2016.

Taliban Take Their Orders From Pakistan…Period.

“Pakistan has resolved to wipe out terror from its soil: Nawaz Sharif.”

[Things with Pakistan are never what they seem to be. For Pakistan, wiping out terror means fighting only with those who wage war against Pakistan, purposely overlooking any other terrorists which Pakistan uses against others.  In Pakistan’s logic, “good” terrorists are seen as strategic assets.  Strategic assets are those who represent the Army’s will in struggles in the nearly lawless Tribal Region and in struggles in adjacent states, anywhere where the Pak Army generals believe killing is called for.

The only reason that Pakistan has not sent their Taliban assets to the peace talks is that it would reveal Pakistan’s real hold over the terrorist organization.  ISI/CIA cannot continue to play both parts in the Taliban soap opera, that of both Taliban “peacemakers” and also the Taliban sponsors.  Pakistan plays a media game, trying to convince the world that it is struggling to force the Taliban to the table under threat of expulsion from Tribal Region, when in fact, the Pak Army is merely “allowing” the Taliban to enter peace talks with the Ghani govt.  Under cover of these contrived negotiations, Pakistan is getting everything it ever wanted in Afghanistan without  having to give-up anything. 

By helping Washington  to torpedo any meaningful peace which might have been obtained by the previous Karzai govt, Islamabad has been allowed to use Afghanistan to its own advantage, serving as a dumping ground for Pakistan’s TTP problem.  In the process, Pakistan has been allowed to use Western media to sanitize its own image, with the cooperative Western media pretending that its military “operation” in North Waziristan signals a change of behavior, and an end to the Army’s protection of the Afghan Taliban.  Zarb e-zarb operation enabled the Army to turn its local Taliban menace into Afghanistan’s problem, while redefining the Pakistani Taliban as “ISIS,” all of this, while giving the Afghan Taliban of Mullah Mansour a new lease on life.  (SEE:  “The reality, however, is that Pakistan continues to play both arsonist and victim.” ).]

Taliban Get Their Orders From Pakistan: Ex-Taliban Commander



Faridoon Hanafi, a former Taliban commander who recently joined the peace process, said that Pakistan is mobilizing and equipping the Taliban and that the group takes its orders from Islamabad.

Hanafi, who had his new-born baby wrapped in an Afghan flag, on Saturday publically announced his support for his country.

He said he had been a Taliban fighter for six years.

“I have seen with my own eyes that Taliban gets its orders from Pakistan and even Punjabis admired me many times for my hard work and gave me money,” said Hanafi.

After fighting against government forces for six years, Hanafi now expresses his regret.

“When I transferred to Nangarhar I saw that all Pakistan’s words are lies and they want to destroy my country and my home and I find out that they are wrong, so I decided to support government programs and I stopped fighting and I joined the peace process,” Hanafi added.

Hanafi has two brothers, both of whom were in the Afghan forces. One of his brothers died in a battle with the Taliban.

“One of my brothers was in the army and he died in a war with the Taliban. The other one is still in the army and now I encourage my brother to serve the county with Afghan forces,” Hanafi added.

Hanafi has meanwhile called on other Taliban fighters to lay down their arms and join the peace process and take part in Afghanistan’s reconstruction process.

Click here to watch the full report, including Hanafi’s message for Taliban fighters:


Taliban Rockets Strike Near Afghan Presidential Palace, Along Route Just Used By SecState Kerry

[The explosions from the rocket attack hit the road just traveled by Kerry four times, “outside the Presidential Palace complex.”  If they knew that Kerry had already gone, then they would have targeted other prime targets which would convey their intent.  Click on the map pins to see the locations of US Embassy, CIA HQ, ISAF HQ and Pak Embassy.]

Rockets hit Afghan capital after Kerry visit


Police say three explosions struck Kabul’s diplomatic area shortly after the visit by US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Kerry listens during a conference with Afghan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani in Kabul on Saturday [Massoud Hossaini/AP]


At least three explosions rocked the centre of Kabul on Saturday shortly after visiting US Secretary of State John Kerry left Afghanistan following a surprise visit to the war-torn country.

Al Jazeera’s Qais Azimy, reporting from the capital, said two senior Kabul police officials confirmed that rockets struck a road outside the Presidential Palace complex where Kerry’s convoy had passed four times back-and-forth on Saturday.

Azimy said a projectile also landed inside the compound near where the US embassy and a CIA office are housed.

No casualties were reported and no group claimed responsibility for the attack.

 Left Behind: America’s Afghan Translators – Fault Lines

“Afghan political analysts are now saying that it was a message from the Taliban to tell the Afghan president [Ashraf Ghani] and Kerry that they are not far away, and that they can launch attacks on even the most secure compound,” Azimy reported.

Last month, Taliban fighters fired projectiles at Afghanistan’s parliament compound while politicians were in session.

Earlier on Saturday, Kerry called on the Taliban to re-engage in peace talks dormant for almost a year.

He said there was no change now in President Barack Obama’s plans for American troop levels in Afghanistan. There are 9,800 US forces on the ground in the country, and that number is set to fall to 5,500 next year.

“But he [Obama] always has said he will listen to his commanders on the ground,” Kerry said, referring to troop levels.

In the coming months, NATO and international donor summits could define long-term security and aid commitments critical to the Afghan government’s survival, and Kerry’s visit sought clarity on Afghanistan’s direction.

The Taliban – toppled from power in a US-led invasion in 2001 – has waged an armed campaign to overthrow the Afghan government and re-establish its rule.

The nearly 15-year conflict has killed thousands of people and strained the country’s economy.

 Afghan forces retool in fight against Taliban in Helmand

Source: Al Jazeera and agencies