If the Afghan Taliban Tried To Kill John Kerry, Whose Orders Were They Following, Islamabad or Langley?

Kerry listens during a conference with Afghan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani in Kabul on Saturday [Massoud Hossaini/AP]


AlJazeera reported that the Taliban “rockets struck a road outside the Presidential Palace complex where Kerry’s convoy had passed four times.”

afghan presidential palace
Afghan Presidential Palace, Kabul.

[Notice the RED DOT which I have placed upon the Google Map snapshot, at the intersection of the main road in front of the Palace, to the left of the dot, and the wider road running North from the red dot, which passes in front of CIA HQ and ISAF HQ.  The original AlJazerra article was unclear which road near the Presidential Palace was hit.  The Google Map embedded below will allow further examination of the Kabul area.  Either click on a pin, or zoom-in, to explore.]

Taliban Rockets Strike Near Afghan Presidential Palace, Along Route Just Used By SecState Kerry

[FOLLOW THE LOGIC…If Pakistan controls the Afghan Taliban, and the Taliban just tried to kill US SecState John Kerry in Kabul, then it was Pakistan who actually tried to kill John Kerry.   Why did they try to kill Kerry?   For pissing-off Islamabad by trying to bully them into nuclear reductions (SEE: US Secretary Of State John Kerry Asks Pakistan To Reduce Nuclear Arsenal), or did he piss Rawalpindi off for blocking ISI-dominated Afghan preparations for a “loya jirga,” which is scheduled to name the next govt (SEE: Kerry’s comments in Afghanistan on unity government spur anger, charges of U.S. interference)?

Nothing is as it seems in either Afghanistan or Pakistan, wherever the ISI holds dominance. 

A nuclear power which employs Islamist terrorists to effect foreign and domestic policies is a danger to the world.  If the Pakistani Army is somehow linked to the attempt upon Kerry’s life, then it would be seen for what it is…AN ACT OF WAR.  Pakistan has become very bold, under CIA direction and sucking-up billions from the Saudis and other Gulf states. 

But here we come to the heart of the matter…If Pakistan is responsible for the Taliban attack upon Kerry, and the Pak ISI is dominated by the CIA, THEN THE CIA IS ULTIMATELY BEHIND THE ATTEMPT TO EITHER KILL OR INTIMIDATE KERRY…BUT WHY?]


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