Haqqani Network In Pakistan Tied To Monster Kabul Blast At Afghan Intelligence Unit


Tuesday’s deadly attack on the intelligence unit tasked with the protection of VIPs was reportedly carried out by the Haqqani Network, said officials Wednesday.

Kabul NDS Chief Mohammad Omar Azizi said at a press conference in Kabul that the attack was organized outside the country.

In Tuesday’s attack 64 people were killed and 347 were wounded.

The question being asked however is how did a truck, loaded with explosives, reach the intelligence unit, which is part of the greater ring of steel within Kabul city?

In a bid to test the level of security within the city, Sharif Amiri, TOLOnews’ correspondent, on Wednesday traveled through the heart of the capital in the same type of truck used in Tuesday’s bombing.

Amiri traveled a distance of seven kilometers, from Pul-e-Charkhi in east Kabul and went through five check posts.

Not once was the truck stopped and searched.

“From which way they came? Have there been neglected duty? Or enemy used their especial tactics?,” said Abdul Rahman Rahimi Kabul Police Chief.

Asked who was behind the attack, Kabul NDS Chief Mohammad Omar Azizi said: “The group have across borders connections which is clear for all of us, we are working on this issue and after completion of investigations we will let know the journalists,”.

Meanwhile, the blast site was still cordoned off to the public on Wednesday.

Despite numerous attempts to view the intelligence unit, the closest Amiri could get was to Eid Gah mosque, which is the second largest mosque in Kabul, and is adjacent to the blast site.

According to mosque officials, the mosque sustained over $500,000 UDS worth of damage in the blast. They said reconstruction work will take at least a year.

“Not only in Kabul but in provinces mosques and religious scholars were targeted and this is an act of inhuman and non-Islamic and we condemn it,” said Deputy Minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs, Daee-ul-Haq Abid.