Afghan Govt Wants Quartet To Carry-Out Promised Penalties Against Taliban Obstructions To Peace

Time has come full implementation of the commitments meeting 4 / against groups opposed to the peace process in action

tasnim news

Dawa Khan Minapal

Deputy presidential spokesperson [Dawa Khan Meenpal], referring to yesterday’s suicide attack in Kabul, stated that on the basis of the Quartet’s commitment to meeting America, Afghanistan, Pakistan and China, should this trend be acting against opposition groups.

The regional office Tasnim , “Dow Khan Minapal” deputy spokesman for the Afghan president announced that the fourth meeting of the Quartet for Peace in America, China, Afghanistan and Pakistan in Islamabad, it was agreed that serious action to be taken against groups opposed to the peace process in Afghanistan.

He referred to the attack in Kabul yesterday to Voice of America said that Pakistan should be agreed upon at a meeting of the Quartet, the Afghan Taliban to the negotiating table in the first week of March this year leads.

Ashraf Ghani, deputy spokesman reiterated that the Government of Afghanistan to a meeting of the Quartet Committee to continue regional consensus for peace is still looking for the results of past meetings. The Quartet meeting commitments, must now against those who breach of peace, action.

Earlier, the Afghan Taliban, Pakistani authorities had warned that in case of non-participation in the Afghan peace process will not end well.

Chief executive of the Afghan government in Kabul following the attack yesterday postponed his visit to Pakistan.

According to experts, some Afghan officials, the attack was designed outside Afghanistan’s borders.

Afghan National Security chaired yesterday’s attack 64 killed and more than 347 wounded.

Afghan authorities have repeatedly urged Pakistan to act honestly in the Afghan peace process.