NATO Pushes To Upset the Status Quo In Georgia and Central Europe, Moving Major Assets To EU Frontline

Noble Partner Equipment Offload–May 6, 2016

“The arrival and offload of U.S. Army Europe M1A2 main battle tanks, Bradley Fighting Vehicles and other support vehicles and equipment at the Port of Poti, Georgia, in support of Exercise Noble Partner.”

Train full of Tanks in Houston Tx–May 3, 2016

“Second train this week”

Russian Min For Affairs
6 May 201620:32

Comment by the Information and Press Department on US-Georgia military exercises

We paid attention to the large-scale preparations for Noble Partner 2016 US-Georgia military exercises that are to take place on May 11-26. Their declared goal is to train the Georgian Army for participation in the NATO Response Force and enhance Georgia’s territorial self-defence capability. The drills will include deployment of NATO member-states’ combat equipment in Georgia. Last year, infantry combat vehicles were deployed and now Abrams tanks have also been delivered by ferry from Bulgaria.

We regard this ongoing “exploration” of Georgia’s territory by NATO forces as a provocative step aimed at escalating the military and political situation in the South Caucasus. To a large extent, this is encouraged by Washington’s and its allies’ open connivance at Tbilisi’s revanchist ambitions.

The latest evidence of this was the recent public remarks by David Usupashvili, the Speaker of the Georgian Parliament, who said that “while part of the country’s territory is occupied, the mission of the Georgian armed forces remains unfulfilled.” The Speaker believes that the key to fulfilling the mission is not only “the heroism of Georgian soldiers and officers” but also assistance from its partners, NATO member-states.

We would like to understand the meaning of these statements. Incidentally, they were made on May 4, the very day when US tanks were unloaded at the Poti sea port.


georgia parliament

04 May 2016

The Speaker, David Usupashvili participated in the event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of establishment of the Armed Forces of Georgia

“Let me congratulate you on behalf of the Parliament, all the political parties, majority, minority and the opposition, inasmuch as it is the day when the All Georgia is united and we all celebrate this wonderful day”.

As the Speaker stated, during 25 years, history of the country teemed with victories and success, though there were failures, tragedies and pains as well. The politicians, soldiers and the citizens still have to serve their solemn duty to the country. “These 25 years in our history was full of victories and success but unfortunately, we had failures, tragedies and pains as well. So, it is hard to be absolutely happy celebrating 25 years of the Armed Forces when the part of our country is still occupied. Our state is not united yet but this mission will further strengthen us all, filling us with inspiration and courage because our duty to our country is still to be paid by the politicians, soldiers and citizens. It is the greatest duty – defending our country, unification of our country and provision of peace in our country. 25 years are enough for Georgian state to proudly state that yes, we do have Armed Forces capable to implement its mission”.

“I would like to express particular gratitude to our friends and partners from various countries, NATO member states, without support of which we would not achieve the standards Georgian Armed Forces enjoy now. I believe cooperation with our partners will allow us solution of the tasks of the Armed Forces in Georgia and first of all the tasks that are protection of the country and own territories and peace in the world as we are the member of the community striving for peace”.

“Armed Forces played the crucial role in creation and enhancement of Georgian state and still continues to play this role. We celebrate this day with price as we see success of our soldiers and officers and at the same time note the problems still unsolved in Georgia – occupation of the part of our territories. And thus, the mission of Georgian Armed Forces and Georgian state is still to be accomplished but it will be accomplished for sure. We are hopeful due to heroism of our soldiers and officers, enhancement of our state and our partners, representatives of NATO member states. Together with this community, we will solve all the tasks in and out of the country. Once again, let me congratulate you with this day. I congratulate all the soldiers, their family members, veterans and every citizen”.


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