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Malabar-16 Is India Sucking-Up To Obama Without Pissing-Off China Too Much

[The Indian press described last year’s Malabar naval exercise as “Cocking a snook at China.”

cock a snook: “derisive gesture,” Thumb one’s nose

That gesture amply describes this year’s Malabar provocations as well.  India is a wimpy Nation, dominated by the will of the United States, just as assuredly as it was subservient to the British Raj for nearly a century.  Despite its recent announcement that it would not participate with US anti-China operations in the S. China Sea, India and the US have wiggled-out a safe position for the Indian Navy to front for the US Navy against China’s more powerful naval force, without sacrificing Indian deniability. 

If the Malabar exercise is really confined to the northern Philippine Sea (east of Philippines), then Delhi’s navy will avoid the S. China Sea war zone, but only if the reported Cam Rahn Bay (Vietnam) and Subic Bay (Philippines) visits are merely “ports of call” and NOT related to the war games.  Somehow, Obama’s Monday visit to Hanoi for some up close and personal arm-twisting suggests otherwise.  Beijing’s answer to all of this American aggression can be seen in this most-recent air incident between USAF and PAF over the Spratly Island zone.]

South China Sea Dispute: US, Japan, India To Hold War Games Near Disputed South China Sea

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The United States, India and Japan are to hold naval drills off the northern coast of the Philippines near the disputed South China Sea this year to reinforce a “freedom of navigation” doctrine, amid China’s expansion in the sea region that has alarmed neighbors, officials said.

The drills, the dates of which have not been announced, are part of annual exercises between the U.S. and Indian navies that last year expanded to include Japan, another country that has also raised concern over China’s muscle flexing in the region.

The U.S. Pacific Command chief, Adm. Harry B. Harris, said the exercises were scheduled in the northern Philippine Sea, stressing that unimpeded sea travel was a right that must be enjoyed by all nations.  (READ HERE)

Navy deploys warships to South China Sea


  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, New Delhi

Guided missile stealth frigates INS Satpura and Sahyadri, fleet support ship INS Shakti and guided missile corvette INS Kirch will be part of the deployment. (File Photo)

Four Indian warships left for an operational deployment to the South China Sea and North West Pacific on Wednesday. During the two-and-a-half month deployment, the warships will make port calls at Cam Rahn Bay (Vietnam), Subic Bay (Philippines), Sasebo (Japan), Busan (South Korea), Vladivostok (Russia) and Port Klang (Malaysia).