Terrorists Kill 5 Jordanian Intelligence officers in the Baqa’a Palestinian refugee camp (Camp Spot)

The names of martyrs from the 5-spot intelligence office

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He cited five of the General Intelligence salaries following the exposure of the General Intelligence Office in camp spot for a terrorist attack seamy Monday morning.
The Minister of State for Media Affairs and government spokesman , Dr. Mohammed AlMomani exposure of the General Intelligence Office in camp spot for a terrorist attack such as seamy seven o’clock Monday morning.
Momani said that the terrorists have targeted security headquarters on the morning of the first day of the holy month of Ramadan in the clear evidence of the criminal behavior of these elements and getting out of our religion and Aracoa blood Zakia vow owners themselves to protect the homeland and the citizen and achievements.
The terrorist attack , killing five of the General Intelligence salaries are sentry factor divider and three noncommissioned officers from the guard office.
Momani said that security forces pursuing the perpetrators and to investigate the circumstances and the circumstances of the terrorist attack and will announce all the details later.
He added that the Jordanian stand united in the face of attempts by the Nile of security and stability and that these criminal acts will not Tzidhm but coherent and toughness in the face of all the forces of evil and darkness , as expressed in more than one occasion and previous conditions.
He said the Jordanians counted their martyrs in Illiyun and Asgelounam in the long list of honors for the martyrs who recounted their owners their blood to defend their homeland and its mission and its security and stability and achievements. Later, security sources said the names of the martyrs of the terrorist attack and they are :
Sergeant first Louay Mohammed Faraj Zyoud.
Corporal Hani Salim Moussa Alqaidh.
Corporal Omar Ahmed Falih Hiari.
First Ahmed Abdel Karim Mohammed Harahsheh troops.
Mahmoud Khalaf Abd alRazzaq al- Awamleh troops.