State Subversion by Common Purpose–Empire`s new tool

State Subversion by Common Purpose–Empire`s new tool

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A New World Order

Nations are united by shared cultural values and norms including common religions. Culture is the basis of a nation.The United Nations promotes cultural diversity and lays the blame for conflict and intolerance on religion and nationalism. Therefore the UN`s goal is to abolish religion, nationalism and cultural norms. Religion, nationalism and culture are the very elements that make our world diverse. Therefore the UN is seeking to abolish diversity.The opposite of diversity is mono-culture.Which is exactly what is implied by the term one  world government or world governance as they now like to call it.

Human rights are promoted by the UN as a gender issue. Women`s rights are the main focus.As humans, our most important cultural norm is the family in which each gender has its role.If men and women no longer recognize their role then the family unit is destroyed.Therefore the UN, in promoting gender issues as human rights is seeking to destroy the family.

In order to bring in a new world order or a seemingly united world under a one world government, society must undergo a cultural revolution to change cultural values and norms – `a brave new world`. Where better to start changing society than in a school where young minds can be moulded and shaped? An experiment to radically change one of the largest nations in the world, using its children, was conducted 70 years ago in China.

Cultural Revolution


image : Li Zhensheng – thesundaytimes – Mao`s Red Army

China`s Cultural Revolution under Mao Zedong was carried out by an army of the youth who had been indoctrinated to disrespect and destroy authority. Authority for them included their parents, teachers, professionals and elders within society. Any traditional form of authority was removed. China`s Cultural Revolution turned on its head the country`s founding philosophy of Confucianism. The British imperialist Bertrand Russell was instrumental in the cultivation of a new nihilistic philosophy and its use to destroy the fabric and religion of Chinese society pre 1950. [1]


Confucianism is founded on the concept of the individual. Society or the community can only be made healthy and harmonious once each individual has reached that point for themselves. A man can only heal his family by first healing himself. Once his family is healed, the community is healed and then society is healed. But it is a process which starts with the individual as oppose to a collective process imposed on the individual.

Within Confucianism, just as in Christianity, the individual is paramount. Communism places no value on the individual, only the collective or common good.

A Political Cult in South African Education ?

South Africa is the current social experiment, a microcosm of a one world rainbow nation moulded anew from a fractured violent past.The post-apartheid government is being ridiculed for failing.The older generation is being ridiculed for failing and young people are being told that they are better suited to govern. Age and wisdom have been made redundant.

Numerous networks exist in South Africa, apparently unconnected but provably all issuing from the same source.The networks are recruitment centres for new leadership, role models and role players to perform in the re-moulding of new South African society.

One of the most prominent figures in South Africa is Archbishop Desmond Tutu who is an internationally recognized humanitarian. He is promoting change in South Africa through organizations that concentrate on the youth and creating new leadership from its ranks. The Tutu Foundation is part of the Common Purpose international community (360).

Desmond Tutu is also the patron of the Rising Global Peace Forum based in Coventry, UK which is run in association with Coventry University, Cathedral and Coventry City Council. On this forum he says that “enabled by technology, young people are righting our wrongs” and that “The good news is that we were made for collectivism, for inter-dependence and common purpose…”

Desmond Tutu says that he goes to sleep each night filled with hope because he believes that the youth of today “seem to be seized with the task of righting the imbalances caused by us oldies.”

The Rising Global Peace Forum aims at “pushing forward new ways of thinking about peace and conflict.” It appears to be a Common Purpose platform.

Common Purpose is a charity based in Britain funded by tax payer money and the following well known financial cabal :

Goldman Sachs Bank ; JP Morgan Bank ; UBS Bank ; Deutsche Bank ; Rothschild Bank ; Morgan Stanley Bank ; Price Waterhouse and others.

Common Purpose is linked to a host of other suspect trusts, foundations, think-tanks, quangos and so called charities. DEMOS is a key example. These organisations funnel political and social CHANGE policy through CP, to re-frame graduates. .

Source: UK Column – Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson

In South Africa, Common Purpose runs leadership courses aimed at university graduates as well as established leadership. Its courses are Meridian and Navigator.

By blurring the boundaries between people, professions, public and private sectors, responsibility and accountability, Common Purpose encourages graduates to believe that as new selected leaders, Common Purpose graduates can work together, outside of the established political and social structures, to achieve this paradigm shift or CHANGE. The so called “Leading Outside Authority”. In doing so, the allegiance of the individual becomes ‘re-framed’ on Common Purpose colleagues and their NETWORK. Source : Common Purpose Exposed

Common Purpose commends itself on re-framing people`s minds. That means turning tradition on its head. It operates in Britain as a network within state institutions, councils, police, judiciary,universities and the education sector. It also operates within the highest levels of government.


Diagram courtesy of

article – `Common Purpose in the Heart of the Conservative Party`

Common Purpose functions within the social sector in the same way that Freemasonry functions in the economic and state sectors. Freemasons have a history of covering for each other and for providing for each other, having allegiance to the brotherhood over ability, community, national interest and the law – all for the greater good.

The term ‘GRADUATE’ is used deliberately so as to prevent disclosure of involvement with Common Purpose. As ‘MEMBERS’ of CP, which is more appropriate, individuals in the public sector would have to declare their interests. So strong is the Common Purpose bond, that some individuals will lie to hide information and documents considered ‘dangerous’ to the CP cause. People challenging CP colleagues have been victimised and forced out of their positions. Source :

The Tutu Foundation in South Africa promotes the concept of Ubuntuism/communitarianism, along with themes such as “accountable servant leadership.” What is wrong with a traditional term like `a good leader`? And are these accountable servants, servants to the public or servants of an ideology or a religion?

Life Orientation is part of the South African curriculum and has encompassed a number of previous subjects including religious instruction (RI) and physical education (PE). Life Orientation is described as the study of the self in relation to others and to society. That interprets as a peer review of who you you cannot express your rights as an individual.

Life Orientation promotes changing children`s cultural values and religion.

“Teachers formerly trained within the previous education system are trapped within certain religious and cultural paradigms . They are not always willing to redefine their role, especially in support of the new educational programmes (Ferguson & Roux, 2003). Very little research on the training of pre-or in-service teachers has been undertaken with regard to the processes or approaches towards children’s spirituality in Life Orientation programmes. ”

Article: Children`s spirituality in social context: a South African example by Cornelia Roux

Rene Ferguson is a professor of Life Orientation and Religious Studies at Witwatersrand University. Her focus in promoting Life Orientation, is on the apartheid era Christian nationalist education and the legacy of apartheid in religion. By her definition Christian values and national pride are associated with an extremely unjust political system from the past. She also lectures on the intersections between religious liberty, gender rights and sexual orientation.

The following is from an article in the Daily Maverick by Rene Ferguson and Meetali Jain

Training programmes need to emphasise skills such as “emotional intelligence, working in teams, managing diversity, decision-making, conflict resolution, planning, time-management, creative problem-solving, flexibility, intrinsic motivation and relationship- and communication skills”, and we could add to this list training in critical thinking.  In addition, educators must be encouraged to engage with “the new politics” of living in a globalised society, rather than insisting on “going back to the old ways.”

Sexual Orientation is now being taught in schools as part of Life Orientation.

The doctor sees a penis and Y chromosomes [when you are born] and says, ‘It’s a boy!’” says Abigail Branford to the students in her class at Groote Schuur High School. But, she tells them, despite this declaration, your gender identity may differ from your biological sex.

Branford is president of the University of Cape Town branch of the Gender and Sex Project (GASP), teaching Life Orientation classes with a difference – providing sex education, explaining power relations in society, examining identity issues and describing the effects of socialisation to students in grades 10 and 11.

The Gender and Sex Project (GASP) is about re-imagining what Life Orientation could be,” says Branford.

Nompilo Sibisi, a facilitator, says that much of what people do is ingrained in them and GASP classes challenge this. “For a lot of people it is the first time they are starting to think about it [the sex, identity and gender issues GASP covers],” explains Sibisi.

She believes it is especially important for teenagers as they are forming their identity.

Avaaz embarked on a campaign to end school violence following the rape of a Grade 12 boy at a Northern Cape school last month.

The organisation’s global campaigner, Nic Mackay, said the training of life orientation teachers was important in enabling pupils to become responsible citizens.

Life orientation teachers could soon receive training in values, citizenship and human rights if global advocacy group Avaaz has its way.

Avaaz is the largest online human rights/activist network with ties to political agendas, Multi National Corporations and billionaire philanthropists like George Soros.

Together, Avaaz and Purpose create the language and the online consensus-building tools. While maintaining the illusion of grassroots activists advocating for human rights, the core function of their public relations campaigns are outcome-based, or to help herd public opinion in order to provide a pretext for multilateral institutions like the the IMF and NATO to implement programs like economic sanctions, or military intervention.

All Roads Lead to Rome

Abigail Branford the founder of GASP, is the young and unwitting victim of a cult that is using her above average intelligence and human empathy for an agenda that is in reality seeking to destroy everything such a person holds dear. She is not only the founder of GASP but also an award winner of the One Young World organization,  led by Kate Robertson and David Jones both formerly with the French based advertising multi-national corporation HAVAS.

These individuals have now moved on to marketing a one world government.

CNN dubbed One Young World as `junior Davos`. It is the grooming ground for new world leadership.

Like members of all Cults, leaders trained by Common Purpose will be encouraged to act as a network, enable other members’ plans, work to the same rules and, one assumes, ultimately become world leaders.

Additionally, according to their ‘Ethos’ all meetings held by these leaders are under the Chatham House Rule. This is, they say, ‘used throughout the world to aid free discussion…’ They omit to add that this Rule which was inaugurated in 1927 to prevent the leaking of whatever is discussed at such meetings to the outside world, also means that they are held, as the Bilderberg meetings are, under a blanket of great secrecy.

On 3rd jan 2011 the Independent newspaper reported on the Tory Cabinet Office Behavioural Insight Team. This secretive little group has been set up to devise psychological initiatives to manipulate people\’s behaviour – also known as reframing. Interesting that this little vipers nest should be uncovered after The UKColumn recently exposed that Francis Maude MP and Julia Middleton CEO Common Purpose had been scheming to set up behaviour change in the Top 200 civil servants using the Common Purpose \’model\’. Behavioural Change is commonly linked to NLP or neuro linguistic programming. What they don\’t tell you is that all NLP carries a risk of mental illness from implanted suggestions that \’fail to take properly\’ or which conflict with existing beliefs and norms. The risk may be circa 3% of people who undergo NLP training of some form. Sounds small but when 10,000 people are receiving NLP or 100,000 school children we can expect to see numerous instances of mental illness or other mental disturbances – suicides? – such as the cluster of 39 at Bridgend in Wales.

Of course where children and adults are given NLP without their consent (it is hidden or buried in so called leadership training or self development or motivational courses) these individuals are, in reality, being assaulted. As such they have the right to claim compensation for such assault and ill effects arising as a result.

Are you happy to be \’reframed\’ by unknown people for unknown political objectives? Do we not have the right to control our own behaviour? These are dangerous psycho political experiments on the general public and children …surely they need to be stopped?

Abigail Banford, founder of GASP is a member of the thought leadership division for Panafrican Youth Dialogue.

A Thought Leadership Division is about as Orwellian as it gets.Not surprising as the Pan Africa Youth Division is part of a youth leadership program that is funded by the US State Department and operated by Meridian, a division of Common Purpose.

The Club de Madrid, a new Club of Rome

Common Purpose is putting a new thrust into African countries under a recent initiative called the Africa Venture. Their aim is to create a new African `think tank` under the auspices of a new Club of Rome. This time round the `Club` is called the World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid. Its objective to train new leadership across the continent is alarming for those who understand that there is nothing good about Common Purpose.

Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations is now an Honorary Member of the World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid. He states ” You are never too young to lead. You are never too young to do what you actually believe in…From what I have seen, young people are going to change the world.” He is using Common Purpose terms, themes of CHANGE and a new world run by the youth. This is Cultural Marxism.

The Club of Rome was a think tank set up in the 1968 by among others, David Rockefeller, to promote the concept of over-population and the need to promote policies of depopulation. For good public relations it created the environmental / Green movement which today is the driving force behind COP21 and the genocidal drive to reduce fossil fuel use. The Club of Rome merged from the earlier Eugenics movement that promoted sterilization among unwanted ethnic groups. The Eugenics movement and Margaret Sanger`s Planned Parenthood were created by the same elite who fund Common Purpose and are behind Common Purpose and the United Nations Leader Program.

Shadow Government in Africa

Tony Blair is an internationally recognized war criminal. Nowhere is he better appreciated as a liar and a thief than in his home country of Britain. Tony Blair and David Cameron are both war mongers and highly destructive individuals. They are also both instrumental founders of Common Purpose.

African Governance Initiative (AGI)is a Common Purpose platform, a charity run by Tony Blair, which operates in Ethiopia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria and Guinea. Recently in Guinea, the former AGI leader has been appointed the minister of economy and finance.Malado Kaba was appointed by Pres. Alpha Conde who praises Tony Blair and AGI :

The first thing that Tony Blair brings is his expertise; second, the experts who he has put at our disposal; third, he helps us see that it`s not enough just to define priorities, we need timetables to deliver them.”

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