Declaring Indian Ocean Nuclear free zone

Declaring Indian Ocean Nuclear free zone

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Photo: FILE

Photo: FILE

Advisor to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz on Tuesday informed Senate that Pakistan was not oblivious to its defense requirements and was upgrading its capabilities through suitable technologies without entering into arms race.

Winding up a debate on an adjournment motion moved by Javed Abbasi of ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) over the recent Indian test fire of supersonic Interceptor missile, he made it clear that Pakistan’s efforts for peace must not be taken as a weakness.

“We are fully capable to defend our people and territory,” he said, adding that Pakistani scientists and experts constantly monitored and evaluated the strategic threats that Indian nuclear doctrine posed to Pakistan’s security. “Despite limited resources, Pakistan had developed a robust nuclear deterrent system whose safety and security was acknowledged by the world,” he maintained.

On the diplomatic front, Aziz added, Pakistan was planning to highlight the dangerous implications of India’s plan to nuclearize the Indian Ocean at all the relevant international fora. One specific proposal under consideration was to move resolution in the next session of the UN General Assembly to declare the Indian Ocean nuclear free zone. He said that Pakistan would approach other countries as well to co-sponsor this resolution.

This, he said, would be an important initiative. About the Nuclear Suppliers Group membership, they added, Pakistan had undertaken a proactive diplomatic offensive in all the member countries of the group. “Our efforts towards non discriminatory approach will pay off,” he maintained.

Aziz said that Pakistan’s lobbying in the United States was quite active, adding that we have short listed lobbying firms and our missions are also very active to protect the country’s interests.

Abbasi said India had conducted a test of intercept missile on May 15 which would start arm race in the South Asia. Pakistan, he recalled, had to conduct nuclear tests in 1998 after India conducted tests.

He said Pakistan did not want to enter in arms race but it would disturb balance of power in the region, adding the national institutions were doing their jobs but it was an issue of immense importance.

Mushahid Hussain Sayed of Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) said that it was an important issue as India was trying to become a member of the Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG).

Senator Farhatullah Babar of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) said that arms race in the region will benefit no one, adding the policy of supporting non state actors for the advancement of certain security objectives has also spurred arms race in the region.

He called for an honest review of the security and defence policies. “The civilian and political leadership must wake up and retrieve the space in formulating security policies already dangerously ceded to the security establishment,” he added.

Source: Business Recorder

Pakistani Game of Bloodbath in Afghanistan and Balochistan

Pakistani Game of Bloodbath in Afghanistan and Balochistan

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By Hafeez Hassanabadi

Translated by Archen Baloch

No sane person in the world can ignore neighboring Pakistan’s hand in the destruction of Afghanistan while observing the ruins. But, what is beyond our comprehension is that, despite knowing all the facts that Pakistan is the main cause of all Afghan problems, there are people in Afghan leadership who are still reluctant to frame arm twisting clear cut policies against Pakistan, nor do they have yet convinced their western allies that before putting Afghan house in order, they need to understand Pakistan’s conspiracies and it must be forced to abdicate its notoriety towards Afghanistan۔

Instead, the voices of reason of those leaders were never listened in Afghanistan who knew that the very makeup of Pakistan’s geography does not allow Afghanistan to be a stable country. Nor there is any ray of hope that they would be listened to in someday in near future.

On the other side, Pakistan has become a financial beneficiary of Afghan ruins. On top of that, in order to save its unnatural geography, Pakistan continues to commit the crime of Baloch and Pashtun genocide with resources it receives from America and Western countries.  The majority of Baloch people and some progressive thinking Pashtuns are well aware of the fact that Durand-Line is the main cause of Pashtun and Baloch misery which has provided Pakistan a strategic edge to maintain its existence.

Aggressive Pakistan has subjected Baloch to worst type of brutalities because they’ve committed the “crime” of liberating themselves from Pakistani illegal occupation! However, the Pashtuns are being used as a mercenary force and pitted against Baloch; thereby they’re getting killed without any mission!

In the same way, the Pashtuns in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tribal areas are facing genocide in the name of Islam across Durand Line. It means the interests of Punjab are being advanced at the cost of Baloch and Pashtuns blood.  Despite knowing all this dirty game, Pashtuns seems to be silent spectators, either they’re speechless or they’ve been pressed so hard that they cannot now open their lips.

Now the entire region is falling prey to IS because of the complexity of Afghan war. It is all because of Pakistan’s conspiracies. On one hand, it has created a nexus with China at Gwadar port, thereby pitting world powers against each other, on the other, in order to mitigate Indian influence in Afghanistan and bring it into sphere of Chinese influence; it has started the antics of Taliban flirting for useless talks. But in reality, it is engaged in a sinister game of expanding the geographical sphere of influence of the extremist groups in the region.

But we don’t think that America and its allies are that much unaware of all this happening under their noses. Echoing the reality, sometimes back Pakistan’s ex- army chief and president, Gen Musharraf said “ISI supported Taliban because the Pashtun were under represented during Hamid tenure. The Taliban were supported because, we wanted to stop Indian influence in Afghanistan. We wanted to see such a group that could stop Indian acts against Pakistan. For that we used ISI and our agency was in constant contact with Taliban”.

Apparently, it is an usual statement but regarding Pakistani interference in Afghan issue, it clearly shows how reckless and cynic Pakistan rulers are towards Afghanistan, as if they are on their own free will to do anything with Afghan affairs.

To understand the issue more clearly, let us raise some basic questions:

  1. Now that Pakistan has blatantly admitted its involvement in Afghanistan’s destruction, Do Afghan government and America still regard Pakistan as an ally?
  2. Does Pakistan have the right to determine to what extent Pashtuns should have representation in Afghanistan parliament? Or does it have the right to support international terrorist organizations against Afghan government in order to make sure Pashtuns are not under represented?
  3. Afghanistan is an independent country, in order to reserve its national interests; it is fully sovereign to decide with whom it establishes bilateral relationship. But does Pakistan or anybody else have the right to dictate Afghanistan to determine who is its friend or enemy?
  4. Pakistan has openly admitted that it has done all this because it wants to distance Afghanistan from India, so the question is does Afghanistan ever think of changing over from a reliable India to a deceitful Pakistan?
  5. Pakistan has adopted terrorism as a state policy to establish its sphere of influence in Kashmir and Afghanistan. now the question is that who can force it to renounce both wars, (Kashmir and Afghanistan) in a condition when Afghanistan’ is the only source of income for both wars that Pakistan successfully managed through extremely “hard work” in the name of war against terrorism?

Of all five above questions, we do not have any answer, except the first one, because neither Pakistan would persuade the new leadership of Taliban for talks, nor does China can play an important role in this regard. Afghanistan cannot distance itself from Indian for a long period of time. Neither Pakistan is in a position as well, to renounce its violent stance on Kashmir and settle for a civilized solution. Nonetheless, Ashraf Gani is unwittingly wasting his government’s precious time and energy in fruitless efforts to goad Pakistan to a friendly position where it would never assent to even to the last breath of its existence. The managers in Islamabad know well that a developed Afghanistan is in sharp contrast to an internally battered Pakistan.  I have already discussed it in my many previous articles.

Even in worst situation, the new administration in Kabul have given ample space to Pakistan and its mercenaries to wreak havoc over the length and breadth of Afghanistan in the form of bomb blasts and suicide attacks. This prediction isn’t the ill intent of a satanic mind, but it is a bitter reality that Pakistan has fully established its active presence in Afghanistan in the form of Taliban and Daesh. In many parts of the country, these extremist forces have become highly influential with strong footholds in the form of  Tablighi Jamaat which visits the backward Pashtun localities and recruit youth and children for Pakistani war in Afghanistan. This missionary religious Tabligh is done with full fanfare wherever they go! To earn the sympathy of the shopkeepers and general public, they refrain from bothering people. They don’t force locals to host them, rather whenever they buy anything, they pay double price. Obviously it has now become tough for government to take any action against them.  That is why recently the interior minister informed parliament that 20 provinces out of 34 are facing instability in the wake of Taliban danger. It is first time that over the last 14 years that the country is going through worst security situation.

If Ashraf Gani has vainly been hopeful of any sincerity from Pakistan, which provided right condition to its enemies to strike effectively, the same also can be said about American folly that is about to provide Pakistan with 1.5 billion dollars’ worth weapons and it will increase its problems many folds.  This question has constantly been raised In American senate and many other serous intellectual forums that without a proper mechanism of check and balance these weapons as aid can be misused against American interests and against the only secular nation, Baloch, in the region as well.

Relatively, Baloch pro freedom forces, despite lurching in isolations, have proven effective against Pakistani provocations in this region particularly in Afghanistan and India. It has played a spectacular role in the geopolitics of the region against negative forces.

However, over last one and half years, there seems emerging such an impression of despondency in Baloch society as if world has altogether forgotten them. It is a matter of great concern for Baloch and for world as well.  India, America and Afghanistan are fully responsible of such impression of despondency in Baloch society, and also those forces as well who want to save their nations from the cancerous extremists of 21st century but never seriously attempted to resolve the crises that surrounded this menace.

Indeed, Baloch crisis is one of the complicated problems in the region facing genocide, because they’re fighting in frontline against Pakistani extremist and terror forces in the region, but the silence of its neighbors particularly India and Afghanistan over Baloch genocide is appalling and beyond comprehension.

Now prior to what is going to happen in Afghanistan, it has now become crucial for Pakistan to break the backbone of Afghanistan’s natural ally, the Baloch, so that an extensive land of Baloch becomes  available for new sanctuary for the next phase of bloodbath that Taliban and Daesh unleash. Thus, the game of bloodbath that Pakistan wants to play in Afghanistan is also staged in Balochistan so that both cannot help each other.

Now that the American allies are withdrawing their forces from Afghanistan, only Americans along with Afghan forces would face the music of the Taliban and Daesh attacks.  However, the irony is that, American support to Pakistan, whether wittingly or unwittingly, in terms of weapons and money, can backfire and create big problems for its armed forces! Apparently, there is no a substantial logic or reasons in why America is making such big blunder. But, in the backdrop of Pakistan’s new approach to Russian and weapon buying agreement, it would be hard to understand why America has become blackmailed by Pakistan despite being world’s sole superpower!

Meanwhile, Pakistan is taking full advantage of the tussle between America and Russia and investing in Jihadi forces in the region to unconquerable extent.

The burning question arises here is that do the Americans, Afghans and their allies, who want to see peace in Afghanistan, regard Baloch as a rallying factor in their strategies against religious extremism or simply abandon them at the mercy of Pakistan?