(updated)–Someone Using WhatsApp To Spread Rumors of Central Asian Attacks On Police, Before the Attacks Begin

[At the same time, this same scenario was unfolding in Armenia (SEE:

In Yerevan, armed men seized the police building, has died).  In an extreme case of jumping to conclusions, or conspiracy theories, we can also see the simultaneous commission of the same violent pattern of anti-police agitation playing-out in the American homeland cop-killings.  How many countries have fallen to this formula so far?  Even America is vulnerable to its own agencies.  Such is the nature of the treasonous, Unconstitutional actors driving these operations (SEE: When Limited Warfare Strategy Seems Like Treason).]

[Following a time-tested method for creating false news, first perfected in Central America, under State Dept. supervisor Otto Reich, using the euphemistic title of Office of Public Diplomacy, false or corrupted media sources launch the false news of an ongoing, big terrorist attack, in order to get the rumor-mill cranking, before actual small-scale terrorist attacks can be carried-out, either by properly trained “lone wolfs”, or by small numbers of military personnel.  The smaller blood-letting serves to validate the bigger story, which originated on the rumor-mill. This confirms in blood that the “terror attack” is real (SEE: Warfare of the Whisper ). 

The purpose of this entire exercise is to generate police and military violence, specifically, “Islamist witch-hunts”, whereas the original Central American/CIA diplomacy was after communists).  Look at Turkey to see what happens in a successful “public diplomacy” terrorist attack…which can be either of the “false flag” variety, committed by the home team, or real attacks by international terrorists, guided by foreign military or intelligence agencies.

The objectives remain secret, but they can be revealed by what comes next.]

[SEE:  Russian special forces could come to Kazakhstan – expert proposal ]


Terrorist attack in Almaty cluttered with rumors


Andrey Zubov

In Almaty, through social networks and WhatsApp rumors about the new armed attacks in different parts of the city.

Interior Ministry and the city authorities are trying to refute false information, but to monitor Whatsapp is almost impossible. As a result, citizens send each other different unverified information.

At first, word spread about the armed attack on a military unit of Airborne Troops in Kapchagai. False information denied the RK Ministry of Defence.

The following three places to check information about the incidents, journalists visited the portal 365info.kz

Our examination

Thus, the message has been verified that in Turksib district there was an attack on the district police department. Then anonymous sources reported from the district Zhuldyz towards the city center are moving about 100 armed people. Both turned out to be false information.

It was also reported on hostage-taking in the shopping centers of the city, for example, in the shopping center «City +». Indeed, the mall was closed, but we were told by representatives of the administration,

the closure of the complex was done as a precaution – in the city has just been declared a “red” level of terrorist threat

Later, there were reports of a bomb found at the station Almaty-1, shooting in the spa-center in Bostandyk district of Almaty and the shooting in the capital of Kazakhstan – Astana.

The Department of Internal Affairs of Astana have denied the rumors and was reminded of the responsibility for the dissemination of false information. In Almaty city the operational headquarters for the fight against terrorism called for the media to publish only official information.

Those killers: first arrested the attackers, one killed

Police detained another participant attacks in Almaty

Almaty police arrested another participant attacks on law enforcement officers in the southern capital.

Photos of detention appeared in social networks . The man in possession of an identity card was found on the name of the 24-year-old Yerzhan Koshaeva and exercise book with recordings of Arabic script.

In a number of media outlets reported that the fake certificate and now the name of the detainee – Ruslan Kulekbaev. He is 27 years old, is a native of Kyzylorda region. The man was wanted on suspicion of murdering a woman.