The Bloody Whatsapp Revolutions

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The attempted coup on WhatsApp!

Fethullahist terrorist organization in the coup attempt (feto) troops belonging to instant information, they create their phone WhatsApp left the group. 1st Army Commander Gen. Umit Dundar members of the organization who share a couple of times for the hostage, the AK Party is the way to get information on “Migration, fever free,” he shares.

Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (feto) members of the military coup attempt to communicate and to share momentary developments during WhatsApp was determined to create the group. “Dormitory at the Magistrates Us” was one of the group called Major Murat Çelebioğlu manager. Feton member of the group of soldiers, and the other soldiers involved in the coup attempt also add Çelebioğlu, public announcements, said that out of this group.

The attempted coup on WhatsApp!

Including Major Osman Akkaya, a member of the group that found the “OK” while Çelebioğlu’nun response to the statement, Çelebioğlu “Important developments here if you let Ankara ‘or I’ll pass,” he shares. 5th Armoured Brigade Deputy Commander Colonel Space Hawk, Major Murat Burns, Major Murat Karakas as many names Çelebioğlu add to the group during negotiations, first as “E5 and the TEM Istanbul coming out of the traffic will be released, traffic entering the Istanbul will be blocked and will be rejected” he instructed.

Colonel Ahmet Zeki Gereh when asked immediately to take all necessary measures in this regard. Some soldiers also emerged in interviews that help to support the coup was asked about it.

“The situation is positive, negative?”

Instant information on the progress in the negotiations is shared Murat Major Burns’s “The situation is positive, negative?” She pointed sharing. Talks where the information that interrupted the flow of traffic in the Bosphorus Bridge, the team of TRT ‘had stated that the right way. Major Çelebioğlu, Istanbul Police is informed of the deputy director of the Directorate and the major part of the “admit that” information sharing, while on leave came to Istanbul involved in here coup 5th Armoured Brigade Deputy Commander Colonel Space Hawk, ” police friends to kiss the eyes of the message,” he said.

The Group 1 Army Commander Gen. Umit Dundar “receiving” instruction is given, Dundar continuous search for the commander of the Military High School information that was shared. on it by Colonel Space Hawk “Mürsel phone to come” was sharing. Some locations in the share of the group, Mehmet Tunc Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will help the group said.

“1. Take the Army Commander”

Gen. Umit Dundar share for the hostage several times reiterated that Ataturk was also informed about the situation at the airport and a bridge. Information regarding the development of Ankara requested the group also made ” The AKP provincial organization of the road” on sharing Colonel Falcon, “Migration, fever free” has ordered. Meanwhile, for stroke correspondence from the group made the field of armored elements of all orders were given.