US Drones Kill A 2nd Taliban Leader, Mangal Bagh

[It is about time that this bus driver, who considers himself a “Mullah”, was eliminated.  He ruled much of Khyber, while instilling in young minds his warped ideas of “shariah”.  He led the Lashkar-i-Islam in pitched battles against rogue TTP Taliban factions who opposed the Army.  From reports leaked from Pakistan’s Tribal Region, we know that Mangal responded to the will of the Army, whenever push time came, making him one of the “good Taliban.”  Reportedly, he accommodated Haqqani units in Khyber, whenever Pakistan ran its N. Waziristan operation, allowing most of them to remain beyond the reach of the Afghan authorities, safe within Pakistan.  Between the recent drone-killing of Afghan Talib chief, Mansour and this killing of Mangal Bagh, it is becoming apparent that the Pentagon is attacking Pakistani control of these militant chess pieces.]

U.S confirms Pakistan’s Taliban leader’s death


YEREVAN, JULY 25, ARMENPRESS. Pakistan’s Taliban leader Mangal Bagh has been killed on July 24. This has been confirmed by the U.S.

Pakistani President’s Security Advisor Hanaif Atmar confirmed the news, according to RIA Novosti.

“One of the leaders has been killed. He is Mangal Bagh, who was Pakistan’s Talibans’ leader. He has been killed by UAV strikes. The U.S has confirmed this”, Atmar said.