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(updated)-Syrian Terrorist Group Al-Nusra Claims To Have Quit Al-Qaeda, To Evade Bombers

Jolani Golani
One of these dudes is al-Jolani, or al-Golani, the mouthpiece of al-Nusra terrorist group.  Both of them have been sold to the world by Western and Arab press.  AlJazeera is in love with the little Jolani on the left, probably the only Islamist terrorist leader still unable to grow a beard.

FLASH!!!  We now have a 3rd al-Golani, picture released today by Al khaleej news in UAE….I guess he can grow a beard.


[Al Golani is a creation of the intelligence agencies (SEE: The layers of fiction surrounding Al Nusra chief Abu Mohammed Al Jolani).  He is credited with leading one of the currents generated by the break-up of Al-Qaida In Iraq, the same terrorist outfit which has been holding Lebanese soldiers hostage, after beheading 4 of them.  Nusra is fighting a holding action on the Leb. Army, giving ISIS time to lay in supplies the mountains of the east, preparing for an anticipated major assault upon Lebanon from Qalamoun in Syria.  Lebanon is expected to join a US anti-ISIS coalition, while it fights al-Nusra without proper weapons. 

Truth be told, Lebanon is expected to fold-up and play dead in the face of a sustained assault by the offspring of al-Q In Iraq.  Both ISIS  and al-Nusra are “al-CIA-da.”]

[Now that bombers target al-Nusra, the same as its parent, ISIS, the CIA’s boy is getting scared enough to publicly make this attempt to say that “WE ARE NO LONGER TERRORISTS”…bullshit!  Al-Nusra is the bastard offspring of Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS), who are the bastard “BAIRN” of Al-Qaeda.  Nobody believed this al-Jolani pissant when he claimed to break with ISIS…nobody believes his lies now.  He cannot disavow his previous oathes of loyalty to the remnants of Al-Qaeda, where he claimed to take orders from bin Laden’s “Number 2,” Ayman al-Zawahiri.]

Leader of Syria’s Nusra Front claims no more affiliation with Al Qaeda


The leader of Syria’s Nusra Front says his group is changing name, and claims it will have no more ties with Al Qaeda.

In a video aired on the Syrian opposition station Orient TV and Al-Jazeera Thursday, Mohammed al-Golani said the delinking from the terror network aimed to remove “pretexts” by the U.S. and Russia to strike rebel groups while saying they are targeting Nusra.

Nusra has been Al Qaeda branch in Syria and one of the most powerful armed groups fighting the government.

Al-Golani said his group will be renamed the Levant Conquest Front and will “have no relation to outside groups.” The video was the Syrian militant’s first appearance showing his face.