Trespassing Pakistani Chopper Crashes In Logar, Taliban Captures Passengers


Officials have confirmed that six people onboard a Pakistani military helicopter that crash landed in Logar province on Thursday afternoon have been captured by the Taliban.

According to the provincial governor’s spokesman Saleem Saleeh, the helicopter crashed in the Mati area of Azra district.

Earlier he said the helicopter appeared to have caught fire on landing. However, some residents in the area said the Taliban torched the chopper after it crashed.

It is not however clear what the Pakistani helicopter was doing in Afghan air space over Logar province which is close to Kabul.

Afghanistan: Six Pakistani men captured after helicopter crash lands in restive area


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Kabul, Aug 4 : Six Pakistani men were captured by Afghan military officials on Thursday, after a helicopter crash landed in the restive Logar province of the country, reports said.

Khaama Press quoted Provincial governors spokesman Salim Saleh as saying that the helicopter belonged to Pakistan.

Saleh further added that the helicopter caught fire as soon as it landed but no one was injured.

However, the agency quoted locals as saying that the fire was set up by Taliban militants moments after it landed.