Using ISIS and the Afghan Taliban to fight for us

General Raheel discusses RAW’s involvement in Balochistan with Rouhani
Rouhani denies discussing ‘RAW’s involvement in Balochistan’ with Pakistani leadership


So what we have is, China and Pakistan are using the half of the main Afghan Taliban who followed Mullah Mansour, to prevent President Gilani from carrying-out American plans for peace talks and pipelines, while Afghan Vice Pres. Abdullah Abdullah leads the “Northern Alliance” (and those foreign powers which it represents) covert operations to fight Pakistani terror with Afghan terror.  “Afghan terror” refers to moles and those co-opted, Afghan-friendly terrorists and terrorist outfits, which probably include the Zakir/Rasoul Taliban, who fight both Taliban and ISIS, who can be persuaded or bought, to attack Pakistani interests in Afghanistan.

China has set a course which can only succeed by solving the problems of others, subduing old enemies like Afghanistan and Pakistan, and ending hostilities between Pakistan and India with bribes, threats or promises, at least for long enough to complete its ambitious, gigantic CPEC project.

Pakistan has successfully cleared most hostile terrorists from its Tribal Region, chasing them all into Afghanistan. The Pak Army is on a quest to civilize Pakistan through gigantic development projects paid for by others. The Generals cannot afford to miss this great opportunity to have China build it an infrastructure which will connect it to the rest of the world.  In order to build the economic corridor, the Army will have to let peace come to Kashmir, to facilitate China’s plans, if India will do the same there and in Gilgat-Baltistan.  The Army will stop supporting the Afghan Taliban if Afghanistan and Indian intelligence will stop using groups like ISIS and BLA (Baloch Liberation Army) to fight the Pak Army indirectly.

The Army’s strategy is “if they build it they will come” back to the “pacified” areas.  That remains to be seen.