DynCorp Gets Govt Contract To Train ICE Agents How To Look For Terrorist Immigrants (Trump’s Idea)

[Last month the US Dept of Justice filed suit against DynCorp for the way it fucked-up the training of the Iraqi Police forces (United States Files Suit against DynCorp International Alleging Submission of False Claims under State Department Contract), this month they award them a contract to train immigration agents in the skills needed to effectively question would-be immigrants, in search of terrorist sleeper agents (Trump’s idea).]

DHS Taps DynCorp Subsidiary for Elicitation, Deception Detection Training Contract

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Scott Nicholas

dynacorp A DynCorp International subsidiary has been awarded a potential $700,000 contract by the Department of Homeland Security to provide elicitation and detecting deception training services to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement‘s office of international operations.

The company said Tuesday its Phoenix Consulting Group will train the department’s visa security program agents to identify applicants who could be a potential threat to the U.S.

“enhance the trainees’ understanding of interpersonal communications while emphasizing cultural, political and economic diversities, with the ultimate goal of identifying, validating, and denying entry of applicants who pose a potential threat to the United States.”

“We are excited at the opportunity to provide this critical training through our Phoenix Consulting Group to assist DHS/ICE agents in keeping our country safe,” said Randy Bockenstedt, senior vice president of DynLogistics.

The subsidiary will conduct up to five week-long training sessions each year and develop associated curriculum intended to increase ICE personnel’s interviewing skills to support visa applicant screening missions at embassies and consulates worldwide.

Phoenix Consulting Group won the contract through a competitive acquisition and will also teach agents about interpersonal communications with an emphasis on cultural, political and economic diversities.

The contract contains 10 base months and four option years.