Crying Suicide Bomber Doesn’t Want To Die

Tears of a suicide bomber – Twisted footage shows crying teen’s last moments

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A TWISTED video has emerged showing a crying teenage suicide bomber’s last moments before he blows himself up in an attack on a Syrian village.

boy cryingIG  Jafar is seen with tears down his face in the armoured vehicle

Jafar al-Tayyar, an Uzbek national, is seen emotionally hugging family and friends in a scene more akin to sending a child off to university for the first time.

A big difference is Jafar, who is not old enough yet to grow a beard, is wearing a bullet-proof vest and instead of getting into a Volkswagen Polo, he clambers into a giant explosive-packed armoured vehicle – with tears streaming down his face.

Before reluctantly heading off on his mission, another jihadi can be heard reassuring him, saying: “Jafar, my brother, don’t be afraid. When you are scared, remember Allah.”

Sobbing at the realisation of what he is about to do, Jafar said: “I’m just scared I won’t succeed.”

He then raises his right index finger in the air – a gesture used by jihadis which means “Allah is the highest”.

Moments later the film, which was meant to glorify him as a martyr, shows a massive mushroom cloud shooting into the air over the villages of Fua and Kafriyeh as other militants from the Uzbek-led Imam Bukhari Jamaat militant group – which fights alongside al Qaeda in Syria – attack the villages.

His suicide mission was a small part of a large attack last Friday when more than 200 rockets and seven other suicide bombers ‘martyred’ themselves against defences in Fua.

Following the assault led by Al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate Nusra Front a ceasefire has now been declared.

boy cryingIG  Jafar is seen struggling to deal with the daunting task ahead

boy being huggedIG  Jafar is hugged by his family and other jihadis before setting off

The footage of Jafar comes as the Division 30 group of 70 rebels trained by the US military in Turkey recently returned to Syria to fight alongside anti-ISIS forces.

They said they are investigating reports of one of its members defecting and giving his weapons to Nusra.

In a post on Facebook this morning Division 30 said if allegations are true it will refer the defected officer to a military tribal on charges of treason.

So far they have not been able to contact him.

boy pinting upIG  Jafar points his finger up in support of Allah

smokeIG  The smoke after the suicide mission