Armenia Follows American Orders To Arrest Young Russian IT/Video Tech For Gun-Running

[It looks like the US has grabbed the wrong Mironov to embarrass Russia with, in order to use him as a wedge between Armenia and Moscow.  They probably mistook the young man arrested for the Russian nationalist politician by the same name.]

Миронов СергейSergey-Mironov synesis

Armenia detains Russian citizen after US request

Russian pros detained in Yerevan for the transportation of weapons on US demand


Russian pros detained in Yerevan for the transportation of weapons on US demandOleg Mironov accused of money laundering and the transfer of sensitive information, although in the US it was once – in 2013.

In Yerevan airport detained a citizen of the Russian Federation Oleg Mironov. As it turned out, the man wanted the US government and demand his extradition – that information has already confirmed the detainee’s lawyer Karen Nersisyan. With this matter has already taken the Russian Embassy.

Oleg Mironov, 30 years old, he is an expert in the field of IT. Russians arrested in the airport Zvartots next wife was with him, which immediately appealed to the Russian Embassy. According to her, she and her husband came to Armenia to rest. Oleg Mironov headed the department at the Russian-Belarusian company. The woman claims that he was in the United States only once – in 2013 for a week. At Interpol’s website it is not, and the Schengen him recently issued without any problems.

– Husband accused of very serious crimes, and it is only a programmer for a large IT-companies, he is a good citizen, – says Julia. – He is charged with trafficking and transporting weapons and that a money laundering. My husband is installing video analytics company “Synesis” – serves the Moscow Metro, Russian Railways facilities and much more. No relation to the charges, he can not have.

The lawyer Karen Nersisyan is going to meet with his client tomorrow, and while collecting data to convince the court that there is no need to keep the Russians in custody. The meeting is likely to take place as early as Monday.

Earlier it was reported that of the US prison in Guantanamo Bay, located in Cuba, released only Russian prisoner . He stayed in the establishment of 14 years without trial, and in July of this year, management has concluded that it does not threaten US security.