The Coming Metamorphosis of Hillary’s Brain Slug

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When I think of politics these days, I picture mud wrestlers emerging from a pit of slime, shaking themselves off, and heading for the showers of forgiveness to become clean again.

I have grown pessimistic, not about our political system but about some who participate in it. It seems the concept of service has given way to measly ambition.

Indeed, governing for the good of the country has folded into a war of one’s personal idea of what everyone should be as opposed to who we are.

The once-practiced notion of getting the people behind leadership so challenges could be met together has lapsed into the dangerous idea a few elitists know what’s best for everyone.

Politics is promotion and is, therefore, inherently dishonest. The striving by those seeking office should be to make it less so, to imbue the office with integrity, and to make the country a better place to be.

Some politicians do so because they are good people; many don’t because their ambitions lie within themselves or they want to advance an agenda they know won’t succeed on merit. It must be hammered home through propaganda, force, lies, and any other method convenient.

Who one truly is may be different during the campaign than during one’s tenure in office.

I suspect, if elected, Hillary Clinton will undergo a political metamorphasis. Don’t be shocked. We have had more than enough opportunities to understand this person.

Know this: Hillary will not morph into a butterfly. She will be a bee. Questioning or defying her will get you stung if you happen to be in that patch of brambles called Washington, D. C.

What will Clinton become?

Well, she will follow the Barack Obama model by dropping the façade of moderation. That will happen on Day 1, post election.

The true Hillary Clinton is a 60’s absolutist. In her mind, there is no room for challenges, for compromise, or for change not ordained by herself.

To the far Left, only they are right. Differences in thought, opinion or expression are not tolerated; therefore, there will be no compromises despite Clinton’s campaign claims.

Have you not heard Obama say, “The discussion is over?” Have you not listened when a Leftie says, “We’re on the right side of history?” as if there is no question about that? Have you not seen the absolution granted Hillary by a system corrupted? Do you not know what political correctness is about?

Hillary will drop her act of being a booster for America. She needs the patriotic persona only as long as it helps get her elected.

In the minds of Leftists, America is a bad place founded not on individual rights, but on slavery, greed, expansionism, and the horrors of capitalism. They deeply dislike this country and want to change it.

The goal is to get this done progressively, through domination of the media, education, government, and by changes in social perception and practices. Thus far, all goes swimmingly.

Once in office, Clinton will stop pretending to be anything other than the liberal she really is. Her political behavior will be responsive only to the Left’s goals of a dominating government, political correctness, and high taxes.

Hillary will drop her performance as a political Dr. Phil seeking popular solutions to problems the Left created. She will do as she pleases.

There will be aggressive moves to increase taxes. Don’t be surprised if the justification is the national debt racing toward $20 trillion. Don’t be shocked if Obama’s name is not connected to this, even though debt increased more during his administration than all preceding presidencies combined. The Left doesn’t link problems to liberals.

Our military will continue to decline. Liberals like Hillary tie the military to aggression. Diplomacy, by contrast, is miraculous.

Our nation will become more and more secular. Religion will be regarded as superstition and tolerance toward religions will fade. Governmental solutions will become the norm.

The distinction between illegal and legal immigration will cease as it nearly has already. The border will open further. Talk of cooperative immigration reform will fade.

Industry will continue to die just as Wire Co. perished in St. Joseph a couple of weeks ago due to cheap, protected imports. In its prime Wire Co. employed 1,500 hard-working souls. Now it employs none.

A lousy job will be propagandized as a stellar one.

The new Hillary will emerge aglow with purpose. On that same day, the concerns of Americans will give way to a new phase of Leftist progressivism.

And that, folks, is what mediocrity will feel like.