Hungarian PM Challenges Brussels Over Migrant Terror, While ISIS Boasts of “New Cells”

Hungarian PM Warns Of Migrant Terror As Islamic State Promise To Send Jihadists To Europe


Hungary’s Prime Minister has warned of a “deterioration of public safety, terrorism and the extent of illegal migration”, predicting a new wave of migration from the Middle East.

Viktor Orbán’s stark warning comes as the Islamic State (IS) terror group are defeated along the Turkish border in northern Syria, and on the same day as one of their supporters claimed militants have already arrived in Europe and are ready to attack.

The right wing leader, who slammed German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “invitation” in September last year, was speaking to reporters at a press conference in Serbia.

“When you accept people’s trust and become Prime Minister, you have to take an oath, and a prime element of this oath is that I must defend my country against every form of unlawfulness,” he said. Continuing:

“And illegal border crossing is a form of unlawfulness. And since it is obvious that there is a correlation between the deterioration of public safety, terrorism and the extent of illegal migration, it is therefore my duty to do everything I can to ensure the safety of Hungarians.”

On the same day, an Islamic State supporter boasted over an encrypted app and warned of more Islamist terror attacks similar to those seen in France and Belgium in the past year.

According to the Daily Express, the 28-year-old said: “There are many cells being set up. That Islam will bring fear upon their land and each home. And many more attacks are carded. And on the way in many forms and fashions.”


The nationalistic leader also explained how he is planning to face down pressure from the European Union to accept more mass migration and defend the “religion [and] culture” of Hungary.

“We will be having a referendum in Hungary on the 2nd of October. The referendum is necessary since I expect there will be increasingly serious debate between Hungary and Brussels in the coming months on the issue of migration.

“The more support we get at the referendum, the more chance we will have to successfully fight the debate against Brussels, which is our essential interest if we want to preserve our security.

“We uphold the right to remain unchanged… we do not want to change the character and nature of our country. We want Hungary to remain Hungary – regarding its religion, culture, and ethnic composition as well.

“That view isn’t popular in Europe nowadays, at least among politicians. But we have the right to do this,” he said.