China Basically Owns Gwadar Port and Possibly Most of Pakistan

[Photo from Pak Navy site.]

[Judging from the above photo, PNS Akram is a joke.  Indian PM Modi waging psywar against Chinese in Pakistan and China may be bending under the assault (SEE:  India Disrupting CPEC Plans, China Trying Diplomacy First ; CIPEC: China India Pakistan Economic Corridor – Howzat?Indian Map Trick Becomes India’s Best Hope To Stop China-Pakistan Economic Corridor–CPEC).  There will be no adding India to the project, and there will be no project without first taming the terrorist plague and solving the India-Pakistan dispute over Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.] 

China starts offering Gwadar Port’s Economic Zone infrastructure to foreign investors


Sep 1, 2016 (BE2C2 Report: Irshad Salim) — The Chinese firm ‘Gwadar Free Zone Company’ has begun offering Gwadar Port’s Economic Zone (GPEZ) infrastructure facilities to foreign investors to manufacture, operate businesses and compete with regional market while the Gwadar Port is set to become fully operational by year end.

The Gwadar Free Zone Company is financing the infrastructure development of the free zone area under the $36bn CPEC, with the exception of access roads, which is being financed by the Gwadar Port Authority. The company will bring local and foreign investments to establish manufacturing assembly and processing plants, according to their agreement with the government of Pakistan.


Under the agreement, 15pc of gross revenue from the free zone will be paid to the Gwadar Port Authority by the Chinese firm. It is expected that the development of the zone will help create job opportunities, and lead to transfer of technology and regional business activities. It will serve commercial activities and traffic to and from China, the Central Asian states and Afghanistan, the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, Iran and Southeast Asia.

In fact, Gwadar is designed to facilitate trade among more than 12 states of the regions encompassing it.

Based on the free trade agreements signed by Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Oman, Chinese products can enter the Middle East market without payment of duty after being sub-packaged in the Free Trade Zone.

Construction work is proceeding to link the Gwadar deep sea port with the hinterland (China’s southwestern province of Xinjiang) through rail, to fully realize the port’s potential. According to one analyst, the Gwadar project serves both China’s “look west” and Pakistan’s “look east” policies. For Pakistan, handing Gwadar over to China is one of the most visible manifestations of Pakistan’s own “regional pivot” attempts, especially against the backdrop of possible NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan.


It’s a geo-economics not geostrategic initiative, says Pakistan’s minister for planning Mr. Ahsan Iqbal. According to several analysts, it’s both with potential to emerge into nation-island over several decades.

The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) being developed at the port will accommodate industrial units for mines and minerals, food processing, agriculture, livestock and energy. It is the first of 27 SEZs being set up across the country under the CPEC.

The special zone will boost global market presence by attracting businesses, foreign investments in general trade, services, manufacturing, logistics, bunkering and trans-shipments.

It allows 23 years tax holiday and land lease for 99 years besides other benefits for international investors to establish businesses in the zone.

Gwadar city and port facilities master plan was designed by United States based company, Arthur D. Little which was considered as futuristic and able to cater all facilities till year 2050.

The Free Zone is located at major destination and gateway of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and provides opportunities and a window into land-locked central Asian Republics on the north and the Middle East and African region on its southwest.

At least 13 injured as police foil suicide blasts targeting Shia Offering Eid prayers in Shikarpur

[Believe it or not, he is still alive.] photos source
[Failed Suicide-Bomber’s Undelivered Package…NOT Ball Bearings, 1/2″ Nuts.]

SHIKARPUR: At least 13 people, including five cops, were injured as police foiled two separate suicide blasts during Eid prayers in Shikarpur’s Khanpur tehsil on Monday.

Police sources said four suicide attackers infiltrated Khanpur during Eid prayers.

Two of the attackers targeted an Eid prayer ground where one assailant blew himself up, injuring 10 people, two of whom were policemen. The other attacker fled, police sources said.

Two other attackers targeted an imambargah but were stopped by police at the entrance on account of appearing suspicious. One of the attackers blew himself up after he was stopped by guards for a search, whereas the other was arrested, police said.

Police officer Bahardin Kerio said the second attacker, a would-be suicide bomber, was shot and wounded at the scene, after which the officers arrested him.

Three police officers were wounded in the explosion. Kerio said one of the wounded officers was in critical condition.

He added that there were hundreds of worshippers inside the imambargah at the time.

Those injured in the blast have been admitted to hospitals in Shikarpur for treatment.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack.

“Godfather” of CIA, Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen–CIA’S Actual Files


RELEASE – CIA Files on Reinhard Gehlen

Note: While these files have been declassified and available to the public for several years, I have not seen them assembled into any sort of easy to download files. These 2,000+ pages, split into seven volumes, comprise the declassified portions of the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) file on General Reinhard Gehlen, the Nazi intelligence chief who served many masters, including the CIA.


GENERAL Reinhard Gehlen, perhaps one of the most important people in modern American history that few have ever heard of.  While his influence was covert, it was of no less force.  The Nazi intelligence chief who served many masters including Adolf Hitler, NATO, and the United States Government. His intelligence reports on the Soviet Union during the formative years of the Cold War were used to shape American foreign policy.

During World War II, Gehlen was made chief of Fremde Herre Ost (Foreign Armies East), Nazi Germany’s military intelligence unit on the Eastern Front. He was able to reach the rank of Major-General before being fired by Hitler in 1945 for his accurate, but pessimistic, reports on the Red Army. However, early on he had sensed that Germany might not win the war, and so he had all of his intelligence documents microfilmed, placed in steel drums, and buried in the Bavarian Alps. It would later be these files that would save him from imprisonment and the war crimes trials.

In 1945, Gehlen surrendered to The Army Counter Intelligence Corp (CIC), and upon interrogation, he offered up his files and network of spies to the United States in exchange for his freedom. The files were dug up, his men in the Allied POW camps were transferred, and he was flown to Fort Hunt in Virginia in secret. It was there that a deal was hammered out for Gehlen to return to Germany, re-establish his intelligence network, and serve the United States Government. Thus the Gehlen Organization was born.

The Gehlen Organization, or the “Org” as it was referred to, was then grafted on to the fledgling CIA at its creation in 1947, and it was often the only eyes and ears on the ground in many Soviet bloc countries after the war.  It was through the Gehlen Organization that many hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of SS, SD, and Gestapo men came to work for the United States Government. It was the intelligence reports from these Nazi men, that wound up comprising an estimated 70% of all U.S. intelligence on the Soviet Union during the early part of the Cold War.

In 1956, the Org was handed over to West Germany and Gehlen became the first President of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND). He held this post until 1968 before being forced out due to a combination of factors. At his retirement he received one of the highest civilian grade pensions from the West German Republic, and allegedly, a pension from the CIA…


Files hosted on

CIA FILE – Reinhard Gehlen – Vol. I

CIA FILE – Reinhard Gehlen – Vol. II

CIA FILE – Reinhard Gehlen – Vol. III

CIA FILE – Reinhard Gehlen – Vol. IV

CIA FILE – Reinhard Gehlen – Vol. V

CIA FILE – Reinhard Gehlen – Vol. VI

CIA FILE – Reinhard Gehlen – Vol. VII



Philippine Pres. Duterte Orders US Special Forces To Leave Mindanao

[International media mistranslated Duterte’s Obama slam as S.O.B., when it should have read, “a son of a whore.”]

Duterte orders US advisers out of southern Philippines


President Rodrigo Duterte ratcheted up his feud with the United States, ordering all American special forces out of the southern Philippines where they have been advising local troops battling Muslim extremists.

Duterte’s order came a week after he called US President Barack Obama “a son of a whore,” causing Obama to cancel their scheduled bilateral meeting at a summit in Laos.

The Filipino leader, the first to hail from the south and who claims Muslim ancestry, has been stepping up efforts to bring peace to the southern Philippines, where decades-long insurgencies with Muslim and communist rebels have claimed more than 150,000 lives.

Last month, he restarted peace talks with the largest separatist group, the 12,000-strong Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), which like others has been fighting since the 1970s for an independent Islamic state or autonomous rule.

US advisors in the area help train Filipino troops but are barred from engaging in combat except in self-defence.

Previously, about 500-600 US personnel rotated through the Mindanao region but in 2014, then-defence secretary Voltaire Gazmin said, this would be cut back to 200.

Duterte did not specify when or how many Americans would be expelled but said, the Philippines’ alignment with the West was at the root of the persistent Muslim insurgency.

“These US special forces, they have to go in Mindanao,” he told a gathering of government employees.

“The (Muslim) people will become more agitated. If they see an American, they will really kill him.”

The Pentagon saidm it was aware of Duterte’s statements but had not been contacted by authorities on the issue.

“We will continue to consult closely with our Filipino partners to appropriately tailor our assistance to whatever approach the new Administration adopts,” Pentagon Spokesman Gary Ross said.

The United States is Manila’s main military ally and the Philippines’ colonial ruler until 1946. In his speech, Duterte showed photographs and cited accounts of how US troops killed Muslims during America’s occupation of the Philippines in the early-1900s to explain his decision.

Duterte’s Spokesman Ernesto Abella said that “the statement reflects (President Duterte’s) new direction towards coursing an independent foreign policy.”

The Filipino leader also hit out at Obama and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for criticising his bloody crackdown on crime that has claimed 3,000 lives in a little over two months.

“This Obama, when you accuse me of killing… let he who is without sin, cast the first stone,” he said.

In a brief encounter in Laos, Obama urged the Filipino leader to conduct his war on crime “the right way” and protect human rights, but Duterte has said it is none of America’s business.

Syria Says It Shot Down Israeli Jet and Drone, Zionist Entity Denies

Syria’s army said it shot down an Israeli warplane and a drone after they attacked a military position early in the country’s south early Tuesday.

“Our air defenses blocked the attack and shot down the military aircraft in (the southern province of) Quneitra and a drone” in the province of Damascus, the Syrian Army’s General Command said the statement carried by state news agency SANA.

This attack is part of the Zionist enemy’s support to the terrorists armed groups, in a hopeless attempt to raise their morals after the major failure and losses in battlefield, the General Command said in the statement.

For its part, the Israeli occupation army said none of its aircraft had been downed.

“Overnight two surface-to-air missiles were launched from Syria after the (Israeli) mission overnight to target Syrian artillery positions,” occupation military spokesman Arye Shalicar said.

“At no point was the safety of (Israeli) aircraft compromised. Nothing true about what they claim.”

Earlier, the Israeli military said it targeted Syrian army positions after stray fire from Syria hit the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights on Monday.