Obama’s Special Forces Haul-Ass Out of Aleppo, Chased-Out By Obama’s Moderate Syrians


[This video disables after a few seconds, if you get it at all, but you can still mouse over the progress bar to see the frames of the video.  You can see a line of fighting pick-ups flying past the camera, the same as that image of the truck w/machine gun, manned by a guy in apparent Desert Storm camo.]

In Video: US troops in northern Syria threatened to be slaughtered by Syrian rebels


US troops operating in northern Syria have been threatened to be slaughtered by FSA-affiliated rebels fighting under the Turkish-led Euphrates Shield operation against the Islamic State.

Pro-rebel social media accounts reported that nearly 30 US Special Forces members, including 4 high-ranking officers, entered the town of al-Rai in northern Aleppo near the Turkish borders.

The reasons behind this unexpected military presence for the US forces remain unclear. However, speculations range from pinpointing specific targets for US airstrikes against ISIS positions to setting up a military base.

Video footage was released documenting the moment machinegun-mounted trucks carrying US soldiers emerging out of the town as the Turkish-backed rebels chanted Islamic slogans.

One of the militants who put on a black balaclava addressed the mob via a loudspeaker, vowing to slaughter the Americans and whoever fights with them, describing them as ‘infidels and pigs’.

Yesterday, some 50 US forces, including 10 advisors, have entered Syria through Turkey and set up a camp at the Al-Monbath hill in the countryside of Tell Abyad.


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