Russian Caliber Airstrike Kills 30 Western and Israeli Intel Officers

انطلاق صواريخ كاليبر الروسية

“Caliber” missiles targeted a foreign military leaders in Dera Izzat province of Aleppo


According to the source field of the province of Aleppo, that the three rockets from Caliber kind launched by the Russian ships that recently targeted operations room for terrorists in Dera Izzat west of Aleppo in the Mount Simon, which is famous for the harsh nature of the mountainous and contains ancient caves area.

The source for “Sputnik”, the operations room with 30 leading officers of the Turkish and the US and Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the British army and the Mossad, running terrorist operations in Aleppo and Idlib.  people were able to escape from the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo , despite terrorist threats As for the situation on the ground now between the source that the Syrian army killed about 20 militants during the clashes, the last two days, in the 1070 area, where snipers are firing at present civilians in Hamdaniya area, note that there is a part of the 1070 area with parents, and part Last with the militants, and the third part military zone with the Syrian army.

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