US Planning To Help Al-Qaeda Shoot-Down Airplanes


The US has no role to play in bringing peace to Syria, because Washington has been the main architect of the war in Syria, a political commentator has told Press TV.


“The US has seemingly backed the so-called moderate rebels to attack the Syrian government forces since 2011 but the fact is that the American weapons have gone into the hands of terrorist groups,” Joe Iosbaker said on Saturday.

The so-called Free Syrian Army, he said, have mostly joined forces with al-Qaeda and Daesh after losing their war against the Syrian government, while the US continues supplying them with weapons.

“The United States is just trying to go ahead with its objective in Syria, which is the removal of a government in Damascus that is independent of US designs,” he stated.

According to commander of the so-called Free Syrian Army Fares al-Bayoush, foreign states have supplied Syrian militants with surface-to-surface Grad rockets in response to the Russian-backed offensive in Aleppo.

Iosbaker said the US has made American people afraid for many years that anti-aircraft missiles could fall into the hands of al-Qaeda, but “it seems that the US might provide the anti-aircraft missiles to al-Qaeda.”

“The dominant force in Aleppo is al-Qaeda. So, when the US suggests that there might be US anti-aircraft missiles provided to the rebels, they’re dangling it in front of al-Qaeda,” he said.

On Friday, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov warned that arming militants in Syria by the United States would eventually create a catastrophe similar to the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

“The Russians are predicting a future, which is very very likely” to happen against the West and especially the United States, Iosbaker warned.

A ceasefire, brokered by the US and Russia in Syria, expired on September 19 after being in place for only a week.

Russia has criticized the US for not doing enough to rein in militants in Syria to protect the truce, saying continued violations of the ceasefire by militants made it “senseless” for the Syrian government to stick to the agreement.