Ground Troops Massing Around Aleppo–US Closes Cooperation Center In Geneva

U.S. Officials: Thousands of Ground Troops Massing Around Aleppo

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Two senior U.S. officials tell NBC News that thousands of ground troops are massing around Aleppo and they worry that the war-torn city could soon fall.

The senior U.S. officials told NBC News they hoped the rebels and residents could hold out a few more weeks, but that water is in such short supply, making the situation for those within the city’s confines more desperate

The U.S. is expected to announce in the next day or so that the U.S. personnel that had been sent forward to establish the Joint Implementation Center (JIC) are packing up and leaving Geneva. The U.S. military has fewer than 20 personnel who have been there waiting to set up the JIC— a place to share targeting information with the Russians.

The fight for Aleppo intensified after the recent collapse of a U.S.-Russia brokered cease-fire. Syria’s military launched an aggressive offensive to wrest control of rebel area.


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