Saudi Coalition Airstrike Massacre On Sanaa Funeral–Many Military Personnel Present



Won in this war is older than a year and a half thousands of innocent lives of civilians who were exposed to coalition air strikes and shelling militia Ali Saleh al-Huthi and residential neighborhoods in many of the provinces south and north of the country.

Saturday afternoon, Sana’a was on a date with the worst crime that killed hundreds of civilian casualties and is believed to be the result of a number of Arab airline alliance that air strikes are often mistakes his goals and targeted many times civilian targets.

Alliance Saleh and Houthi coup authorities talked about the fall of more than 450 dead and wounded, and did not announce any final outcome until this moment the number of victims.

Several sources reported that nearly four projectiles believed to be airstrikes to coalition aircraft targeted a consolation in the ballroom at the fifty Street south of the capital Sanaa was in the death of his father, former Interior Minister Jalal Rowaishan.

The sources also spoke of the dead and wounded, many officials and military leaders were present to perform their condolences to the family of Rowaishan.

Witnesses said for “socialist Net” that the grand hall in the capital were crowded with hundreds of Almazian including officials and military leaders of the alliance Saleh and Houthi-hour target.

Witnesses reported that fire engines and ambulances rushed to the targeted place immediately after the incident directly, hundreds of them and ministered to many of the hospitals in the capital.

In telephony with “socialist Net” medical sources in a number of hospitals of the capital, which ministered to them the victims that there are dozens of them in critical condition, she said, and some of them died of his injuries he was serious.

Among the wounded who died of his wounds Amin capital the previous one the most prominent political and social figures Abdel Qader Helal.

Medical sources themselves sent a distress call via the “Social Net” for citizens in Aash Sanaa to rescue dozens of wounded people donate blood, especially negative blood type.

Photographs showed traded a number of activists of social networking size of the crime and ugliness caused by the targeting of the hall, which was filled with hundreds of Almazian show many of the body parts and charred bodies.

Even the meantime, there has been no official comment from the leadership of the Arab coalition forces accused of committing this crime.

This crime is a war crime that should be on the international community and specifically the United Nations to investigate where and other crimes against civilians and neighborhoods and villages populated including Saleh and Houthi militias that are repeated daily in many of the provinces crimes.

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Mayor Abdel Qader Hilal and approximately 450 killed & wounded after Saudi-led Coalition jets struck a funeral in Sanaa, Yemen


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