Pics of US jets painted in Russian colors spark Syria false flag conspiracy

[The pics supplied for this story are old, taken in the USA years ago, but the US has had fighters painted like would-be adversaries for decades.  But that doesn’t refute the concept of “false flag attacks,” they have been used by the US since the beginning.  “Operations Northwoods” stands out as the most easily proven example of this.  Odds are high that the UN aid convoy attack in Syria could have been by mis-painted “Russian” or “Syrian” aircraft, dropping bombs scavenged from the Syrian Arab Air Force.  Just another example of the Pentagon’s “intelligence-driven” warfare come to light.  Whenever such things happen, revelation of CIA plots, it is a sign that things are almost out of hand, beyond anyone’s ability to influence.  In which case, we see runaway war as a result of plots gone bad, the apparent objective of the false flag plots.  But is it really their intention to cause world war, or are we already on an inescapable path to total destruction, and all of these failed plots we have seen have been attempts to get a handle on the chaos?]

Aggressor squadron? Pics of US jets painted in Russian colors spark Syria false flag conspiracy


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Photos showing US jets being painted Russian colors have triggered debates and conspiracy theories online, with many saying Washington plans to conduct false flag attacks in Syria and blame them on Moscow.

The pictures of the US jets were posted by a Canadian journalist last week on his Twitter account.

Although the journalist noted that painting fighter jets in the colors of potential adversaries is standard practice, they caused a stir among conspiracy theorists.

Many of them accused the US of preparing a false flag attack aimed at framing Russia in Syria.

One Twitter user said the practice is reminiscent of Washington’s past actions regarding Cuba.

Another called false flag operations a “US trademark.”

The publication of the images fell on fertile ground. Relations between Russia and the US over the Syria conflict are at an all-time low, with both countries exchanging threats and warnings with each other over their involvement in Syria.

The US and other militaries are known for using aggressor squadrons, which act as opposing forces in military war games. In addition to being painted in an adversary’s colors, they also use enemy tactics to provide realistic simulations of air combat.


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