Obama’s Kurdish Army of 30,000 Against 550 Sq. Km. of Terrorists At Raqqa

[30000 fighters trying to take 550 sq. km. means that there will be 54.5 fighters per sq. km.  There are 247.1 acres in each sq. km., being defended by 54.5 fighters, who will each try to cover 74.25 square meters, watching 243.6′ in each direction.  Under favorable conditions, one man could watch an area less than one-hundred yards square, but he could never hope to defend so much territory against a superior ISIS force.  How long did it take this same bunch of Kurdish fighters to take Kobane from ISIS?]

(30,000) Fighters march against Daesh near Syria’s Raqqa

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Reuters   US military advisers are on the ground training forces forthe assault on the Daesh stronghold of Raqqa in Syria.


Once the forces coming from the two directions meet, they will surround 550 square kilometres territory controlled by the extremists

Beirut: A spokeswoman for a Kurdish-led force fighting Daesh in northern Syria says they are on the verge of surrounding a wide area north of the Daesh stronghold of Raqqa.

Cihan Ehmed of the US-backed Syria Democratic Forces said Thursday that their fighters are pushing on two fronts north of Raqqa, the de facto capital of Daesh’s self-declared caliphate.

She said once the forces coming from the two directions meet, they will surround 550 square kilometres of territory controlled by the terrorists.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said many people are fleeing areas north of Raqqa because of the fighting.

The SDF says they have committed 30,000 fighters to the offensive, aiming to eventually take Raqqa.

Meanwhile, aid workers in eastern Aleppo were distributing the last available food rations on Thursday as the quarter of a million people besieged in the Syrian city entered what is expected to be a cruel winter, UN humanitarian adviser Jan Egeland said.

The United Nations sent a four-part humanitarian plan to all parties to the conflict several days ago, covering delivery of food and medical supplies, medical evacuations and access for health workers, and Egeland said he was hopeful of a deal.

“I do believe we will be able to avert mass hunger this winter,” he told reporters in Geneva, adding that he had the clear impression that Russia would continue its pause in air operations over the northern city.