Captured German Embassy Suicide-Bomber Trained In Pakistan



Northern Balkh province acting governor Mohammad Eshaq Sarwari said on Sunday the attack on the German consulate in Mazar-e-Sharif was masterminded six months ago in Peshawar, Pakistan.

He said an arrested would-be suicide bomber confessed he had been trained for two months in Pakistan to carry out a suicide attack.

Sarwari said: “The arrested man said the attack plan was drawn up in Pakistan six months ago.”

“The plan was drawn up in Peshawar. He (arrested man) was trained for months on how to fire a Kalashnikov and a pistol. Then, here (Mazar consulate) was specified to them as a target and they were sent to carry out the attack,” he added.

A car bomb was detonated on Thursday night at the entrance to the consulate. The building sustained severe damage in the attack.

German troops reportedly destroyed what was left inside the building after the attack.

“The consulate offices were destroyed and the little things that remained were burned on Saturday. They (the Germans) have left the area and now the building is just a ruin,” Sarwari said.

It has not yet been specified on how the insurgents reached the consulate. But Balkh police chief said they will be alert to prevent such attacks in the future.

“Our security forces will be more alert after this to prevent such attacks,” said General Sayed Kamal Sadat, police chief of Balkh province.

Six people were killed and 129 wounded in the incident.