The Listers—Defenders of Truth, Or Enemies of the State?

[We face an unprecedented period of darkness and uncertainty, with the only certainty being the strong probability that many us bloggers might face incarceration along the way.  Will the notorious, “List” be composed  of “Patriots” or outlaws?  Until we know which side will win the rapidly-building war of words, which “Fake News” will be outlawed we don’t even know whether the Internet will remain free or be censored.  If Trump beats back the Democrat assault upon the election and their version of “fake news”, then many of the “Listers” will be recognized as American patriots, for fighting the Establishment’s “fake news.”  If the Democrats are successful in regulating American Democracy, then we will all be arrested, perhaps filling-up the controversial internment camps. 

Perhaps now would be an ideal time to remember why we have put ourselves on the paths which led us all to the Internet and alternative news, in general. 

Do you remember when or why you dedicated your life to a heroic struggle to help save America from its leaders? 

Do you remember when you volunteered to be a foot-soldier in a war for Truth?]


Cultural Alchemy – Social evolution from the inside out


“The ‘hero’s journey’.  It begins with a calling. Something calls us to greater depths than what we had experienced before. Or perhaps like Alice, we unexpectedly slip and fall down a rabbit hole.  The hero or heroine, on their own path towards wholeness, ultimately heals and evolves themselves, but what they bring back is also pure gold for their people.

In this hero’s journey, this alchemical path to healing and inner mastery, there are fundamental patterns which repeat, that apply to all people in all times. One of those is that of facing darkness. It is called the ‘nigredo’ in western alchemy and it is present in every epic tale of fiction and myth. On our paths, we will face the devil in one form or another. In Jungian language, this is our shadows. It is through the embracing and clarifying our inner darkness that we attain the capacity to heal and transform. This essential first step is frequently left out of western spiritual practices and is the biggest reason why so many do not achieve their spiritual goals.

Traversing and integrating our shadows may in fact be the most important step we can take in personal and collective evolution. It is through this journey that we mature the most and bring into balance our own destructive projections which when not brought to consciousness, become the very evil we want to eliminate from the world.”

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