Russian Ambassador To Turkey, Andrey Karlov, Murdered On Camera By Radical Islamist Policeman


Photography: Haşim Kılıç



Ankara ‘the Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov at the
opening of the exhibition was attacked armed attack.
The operation carried out by the aggressive Special Operations police was killed. The attacker is speaking in Arabic and Turkish, shouting slogans about Aleppo, ‘I will not get out of here, do not come near me’. Karlov, who was taken to the hospital, could not be rescued. Police officer Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş in Ankara Agile Force came out. Here for the assassination last minute information …

Last Minute : Attack Ankara Contemporary Arts was held during the opening of an art exhibition at the Centre. Following the opening speech from the podium to make Russia ‘s Ambassador to Ankara Andrey Karlov was attacked armed at this time. Russian Foreign Ambassador explained that Karlov lost their lives. After the attack, he was killed by the operation of an attacking police officer who opened fire on the air. Eyewitnesses said they thought they were protecting the attacker in a suit. The event is also stated that during 3 people slightly injured.


Attackers June 24, 1994 Aydin Soke born, registered Manisa Prince Population, Soke Republic Anatolian High School graduate, Izmir Rustu Unsal Police School graduate police vocational college graduate and is currently serving in the riot and the position holder 2.5 years Mevlut Mert Altintas. After Mert Altındaş finished the course, it was revealed that he entered Rüstü Ünsal Police Vocational High School in Buca in Izmir in 2012 and graduated in 2014 after 2 years of education.

Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlova assassination ... The identity of the attacker has been certain


Manisal Mert Altıntaş’s mother and sister living in the town of Söke Aydin, immediately after the incident learned that the Security Directorate. His father, who lived in Aydın, was also taken into custody. Çeltikçi neighborhood of Söke which sits Family Freedom in their homes while police launched a search operation in the streets.

Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlova assassination ... The identity of the attacker has been certain
Aggressive Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş’s mother and sister were taken into custody.



Police officer in charge of the agile attack of the Russian ambassador to Ankara, Andrey Karlov, was arrested in connection with the aggressive Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş’s roommate, Rapid Force Division Directorate.

Altıntaş, who was in charge of the Ankara Agile Force Branch Directorate, was searched at Yenimahalle’s house as part of an investigation into the murder of Russian Ambassador Karlov after the armed attack.

Altıntaş, who was killed in the operation after the attack, was taken to the police station of the same house by the Police Force Branch Directorate.


Ambassador of Russia Andrey Karlov, today evening hours of Çankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center attended the opening of the photo exhibition. Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov was invited to speak at the opening ceremony of the photo exhibition of ‘Visiting traveler Kaliningrad to Kamchatka Russia’ in cooperation with Ankara Embassy and Çankaya Municipality.

Explanation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the assassination
Statement from the Foreign Ministry after the assassination


Meanwhile, according to the statements of witnesses that police entered the exhibition, showing the identity claim it is a person standing on the podium behind the Karlov. Ambassador Karlov began to escape in a panic as the invaders clashed with bullets hitting his back. Meanwhile, 3 people were injured slightly from the bouncing bullets.


After shooting the Russian ambassador, the attacker opened fire several times with his handgun and talked in Arabic and Turkish, saying “You will kill the children in Aleppo and we will get their revenge”. Then the attacker, who asked all the invited people to get out of the way, continued to yell, “Only here comes death”. Art center olds out of the way while inside several times more weapons was heard.

Last minute: the moment of attack on the Russian Ambassador Last minute: the moment of attack by the Russian Ambassador

Upon the attack, the police and the Special Operations team were referred to the health teams. A security strip was created around the arts center. It was stated that the health conditions of the 3 injuries treated were good.


Shortly afterwards gunshots were heard from the art center. It was learned that the undelivered attacker had clashed with special operations officers. After a short period of confusion, the attacker was seized dead. Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov was then removed by the health team who was taken in. Only 30-40 minutes after the attack, doctors were able to intervene in Karlov, which was removed from the Güven Hospital by ambulance. Ambassador Karlov, who was seen by doctors as having a heart massage, could not be rescued despite all the interventions.

Explaining the first attack from Russia
Explanation of the first ‘attack’ from Russia

Police identified the attacker who was involved in the incident and started work to arrest the person with whom the person was connected.


Karlov was armed during the opening speech at the photo exhibition entitled “Russia from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka in Russia” in cooperation with the Russian Embassy in Ankara and Çankaya Municipality. It is stated that the attacker in the suit is waiting at the back of the ambassador while speaking.

Here's the assassin
Here’s the assassin

Hurriyet Ankara representative Deniz Zeyrek said: “We have a photo from our Ankara bureau, and we have a photograph of the event.” The photograph of Kamchatka was on display, while the ambassador spoke to the air while the ambassador spoke, then shot at the ambassador’s back and then emptied the room. The ambassador has been hit again and it has been claimed that the police entered by showing the police in. The suit goes in with a tie and a gun in a suit “



Hürriyet photographed Haşim Kılıç explains: “When the ambassador arrived, there was a photo exhibition organized by the Russian embassy, where a man in black suit, who we thought was our protection, was standing behind the ambassador, firing at the air and then shooting the ambassador.

Russian Ambassador suikaste first explanation from USA
First Ambassador to the United States

The attacker said more about Aleppo. Then he wanted people to go out. As the people went out, they fired a few more hands into the body of the ambassador. I guess one of those invites came to one of the invites. There were about 100 people in the guesthouse and they were completely evacuated. The people fired a few more at the embassy while they were fleeing. “The security officers of the Center for Contemporary Arts shared the knowledge that the attacker was a police officer.


The witness of the Russian ambassador Karlov, who was on the brigade with the armed attack,

“One who knows how to use a weapon from behind and very closely, or else there would be other wounded, and he would be more seriously injured with bouncing bullets … The ambassador is a person who comes in with the protection identity from behind. The ambassador was shot in the first or second minute while he was in the opening speech and there was no movement while he was lying on the ground … I think we lost … He fired at least five hands and fired another hand while lying on the ground said he took Aleppo’s revenge “In Aleppo, we do not squeeze you like civilians like you, we bore our bullets to you, we are throwing you at our bombs’, it is the summary of what remains in your mind.”



After the armed attack, the assailant evacuated the hall and stayed inside with the wounded ambassador. Special Operations and police teams surrounded the building. 15-20 hand guns were heard and there was a conflict.


Russia’s Ankara ambassador Andrey Karlov armed attack on the person was neutralized by the operation. Operation of the Çankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center, where Russian Ambassador to Ankara Andrey Karlov was attacked, was organized. After Karlov was wounded, a clash broke out between the attacker who learned that he was on the second floor of the building and the special operations police. After about 15 minutes of cracking, the attacker was neutralized. Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu and Minister of National Defense Fikri Işık also visited the scene and received information from the authorities.

Meanwhile hurriyet .com speaking Russian authorities attack radical that it achieved the Islamist terrorists.