Which CIA Are We Talking About, the National Spy Agency, Or the International Clearinghouse for Islamic Terrorism?


Trump’s Intelligence Showdown Over Russia

Peter Chamberlin

Which CIA are we talking about, the one assigned to protecting American security through the acquisition of vital strategic information, or the one assigned to creating wars throughout the world, in order to create work for the Pentagon?

The introduction of the “Fake News” meme within both the “legitimate press” and the “alternative” Internet media was a strategic move, intended to disrupt the Internet press and to enforce the ownership of “the news” by the authoritarian “Mainstream News.”  It did not expose the abject failure of the old established news sources to maintain the principle of integrity in reporting, but it did highlight the fact that the majority of Internet alternative news sources have lacked integrity, been devoid of factual information and often perpetuated hoaxes as a form of satirical entertainment.  The frequent mixing of news and entertainment has given rise to thousands of bits of “Fake News,” which readers of the Internet must constantly wade through in order to intercept an accurate sampling of “real news,” that news which is based on facts and is sound in reason.  An old, leather-bound Black Book calls this process “discernment,” the learning of right from wrong, developing the natural capability to discern truth from lies.  In other words, we learn to recognize “bullshit” whenever we step in it, or have it thrown in our faces.

But these drawbacks to keeping track of reality in the age of cyber-streaming news, cannot be used by the lying Mainstream press as an obscuring shield to hide the inherently dangerous nature of the “Nightly News” that the legitimate press is drip-feeding into the minds of our unsuspecting friends and relatives.  If American and world popular opinion is to be led down a rabbit hole in a witch-hunt for Fake News, it cannot become the end of Truth itself.  The alternative press provides Americans access to foreign news, some of it untainted by American and Western news filters.  This is the single reason that the Establishment has determined to either destroy the alternative press, or to censor the Internet.  This is the objective of the Fake News witch-hunt.

Alternative news sources must continue to debunk and destroy Fake News whenever the Western media puts out a patently false report, with the intention of coercing their viewers into accepting whatever doctored news that the Govt wants NBC, CNN, etc. to put-out.  The alternative press has, so far, made great strides in “scooping” real news, revealing much truth which the powers that be would normally ignore, preferring that none of us see anything which would demand explanation.

Even though a large percentage of our media lies usually come from the NYT, or the Wash. Post stable of writers, the majority of all Western fake news reports seem to ooze out of the British press or its large international coterie of surrogate writers.  Most of the British Empire disappeared long ago, except for the British media empire, which is still strung throughout the world in London’s last vestiges of colonialism. Its longstanding reputation as the global standard for “news” automatically sanitizes whatever propaganda emerges from the BBC, Reuters, etc., convincing most of “the free world to accept it as “Gospel.”

(Donald Trump wants summit with Russia’s Putin in Reykjavik ; Russian embassy in UK denies info that Putin to meet Trump in Reykjavik)

(Donald Trump denies he will meet Putin on first foreign trip as President)

Over and over, the various Western news sources create false Trump/Putin love stories in order to pump-up the volume of the press (SEE: Brit Press Turns Real Trump Interview By NYT and De Bild Into Disinformation Piece ).  It is the primary mission of the alternative news fighters to teach the American/Western viewing public “discernment”, and to instill within them a hunger for truth which rejects all fake news.]




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