Russian Aero Forces Conduct Joint Bombing Runs w/Turkey In North and w/Syria In South

“Russian-Syrian offensive in the region of Palmyra” The chief of staff Rudskoi:

“The Caliphate has moved a large quantity of explosives to destroy the artistic heritage of the city”




The troops of the Syrian government, with the support of the Russian air force, launched an offensive in the Palmyra area against militants Isis. He dettp Russian General Sergei Rudskoi. “We have received information, confirmed by several sources, about moving a large amount of explosives in the Palmyra area carried out by terrorists Isis in order to destroy the old-world heritage,” said the official, adding that “currently in Palmyra area government forces, with the support of the Russian Space forces, perform offensive actions against militants Isis “.

The same Rudskoi reported that the air forces of Moscow and Turkish ones are carrying out a first joint air operation against Daesh in the suburbs of the town of El Bab, in the Syrian province of Aleppo. Raids “by nine assault aircraft of the Russian Space Forces, in particular four Sukhoi Su-24M, four Sukhoi Su-25 and Sukhoi Su-34 bomber, as well as eight aircraft of the Turkish forces, four and four F16 F4. They are hit 36 goals “. The general explained that all objectives had been previously agreed by the two States and more groups of air commands of the two countries and that “over the last few days is an additional recognition” of these objectives “is performed using the drones and the Media space observing “.

But the Caliphate does not give up and continues to press around Deir ez-Zor. “The garrison of the city – said Rudskoi – is continuing to resist the terrorists Isis with the support of the Russian Space Forces.” According to the general, “if the city is captured, a true genocide awaits the people” and “the people of Deir ez-Zor could be completely decimated.”

Rudskoi has also warned that the maneuvers in Iraq of the US-led coalition are pushing towards the eastern part of Syria jihadists that they are now located in the Iraqi city of Mosul. “The actions of coalition units led by the United States near the Iraqi city of Mosul – said – you are mostly limited to push in eastern Syria Isis considerable forces that almost unimpeded move weapons, explosives and men in the direction of Palmyra, Deir ez-Zor and the town of El Bab, near the border with Turkey. “



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