Mullah Abdul Salam, Taliban Shadow Gov. For Kunduz

[The following report from Khaama News quoting VOA, tells of a terrorist attack upon a Taliban leader in Kunduz, calling him, “Taliban’s shadow governor for Kunduz Mullah Abdul Salam Akhund“.  The problem with that, is that Abdul Salam Akhund is the notorious Taliban warlord from Musa Qala (Helmand), Taliban defector/collaborator w/British MI6.  Apparently, there are many guys named “Mullah Abdul Salam”, one of them is recognized as the Taliban shadow governor for Kunduz (Pakistan Arrests Germany’s Enemy Number One).  This picture of Salam below is courtesy of Der Spiegel DW, German forces were responsible for the Kunduz area.]

Mullah Abdul Salam has been taken into custody in Pakistan. [This guy is a lieutenant in the Mullah Mansour faction of Taliban.  This would support the idea of another escalation in the Taliban civil war.  Now if we knew for certain which side was being wooed in Kandahar when the UAE guys were hit, then we might understand this war within a war.]

[One would think that Khaama press site would have their facts straight, if they were not quoting propaganda website VOA.  Abdul Salam Akhund below has been attacked by the Taliban before for his duplicity.  For that reason, I suspect that Western forces are up to their old games in Afghanistan, you know, the ones which got British agents booted out before?]

[ British in Negotiations with Taliban–27 Dec 2007  ;  The British-American War Continues: MI-6 Agents Expelled from Afghanistan ; Our Deal With Mullah Abdul Salaam–14 Jan 2008 ; Which Mullah Abdul Salaam Does Pakistan Have In Custody?–March 8, 2010 ; Unknown Gunmen Attack Taliban Former Envoy House In KabulDec 24, 2016 ]

Suicide attack target Taliban leader in Kunduz leaving 4 dead



A suicide attack targeted a top Taliban leader in Kunduz province in north of Afghanistan, leaving at least four people dead.

According to the security officials, the incident took place on Saturday night in Dashti Archi district after a suicide bomber detonated himself among the Taliban fighters.

Commander of the 808 Spinzar Zone, Sher Aziz Kamawal, told VOA’s Afghanistan service that four Taliban insurgents were killed in the attack.

He said Taliban’s shadow governor for Kunduz Mullah Abdul Salam Akhund was wounded in the attack.

According to Kamawal, the suicide bomber had came from the restive Achin district of Nangarhar for the suicide attack.

Local residents have said Mullah Abdul Salam was invited in a party in Tark village where he was targeted by the bomber.

No group has so far claimed responsibility behind the attack which comes as the infighting among the Taliban group has been rise during the recent years.

Taliban is also facing threats from the loyalists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group who are mainly based in Achin, Kot, Haska Mina and some other remote districts of Nangarhar.