3 Top Russian Cyber-Security Officials Arrested In US Related Treason Investigation

[FSB opened a criminal investigation after a hacker attack on the Russian financial sector in 2016 ; Russia Arrests Third ‘U.S. Spy’ in Cyber Treason Case]

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Lubyanka Consultant floating in Lefortovo


The investigation around the CDC led to the arrest of FSB officer “Kaspersky Lab”

As the “Kommersant”, arrested a top manager, “Kaspersky Lab” Ruslan Stoyanov, head of the company to investigate cybercrime department, working closely with law enforcement agencies. According to “Kommersant”, the arrest may be linked to the investigation in respect of one of the deputy head of the Information Security Centre (CDC) of the FSB. In “Kaspersky Lab” argue that the case is not related to the company, but experts point out that it may affect the relationship of Internet business with the FSB.

Head of investigation of computer incidents “Kaspersky Lab” Ruslan Stoyanov to December 2016 is in custody in the detention center “Lefortovo”, a source told “Kommersant”, close to the FSB. The press service of “Kaspersky Lab” confirmed the arrest, adding that the investigation is not related to the company and “conducted against a private person.”

At the same time in the same case and arrested the head of one of the divisions of the FSB Sergei Mikhailov CDC, says “Kommersant” source. At the center of public relations, CDC and its own security management (SSG) of the FSB did not respond to “Kommersant” requests. To phone to Sergei Mikhailov his mobile failed line. One of his friends has confirmed that the number is not available from December. The accounts in social networks and online messengers evident that Mr. Stoyanov was last online 4 December, Mr. Mikhailov – December 5th.

The problems in the CDC, “Kommersant” said January 13 – According to unofficial information, the post may leave the head of Andrei Gerasimov units. “B” sides tied happening just with CSS FSB investigation against one of his deputies. According to them, among other things checked CDC relationships with private companies, which cooperated with the department in conducting examinations on Cybercrime.

CSS investigation conducted on suspicion of violation of Art. 275 of the Criminal Code ( “treason”), told “Kommersant” top managers and co-owners of three IT-companies and confirmed the source, close to the FSB, the former federal official, and head of one of the industry associations in the field of communication. Two of them made it clear that in the investigation to verify information on employee allegedly receiving money from the CIB one of the foreign companies by a member of a certain Russian company in the field of information security.

The situation in the CDC runs the risk of impact on cybersecurity and e-commerce markets, where participants may have to re-build the relationship with the state. Two companion “b” familiar with Sergey Mikhailov, argue that this is one of the key CDC employees who “in fact, in charge of the entire internet business in the country.” “This man, in my opinion, largely informally determines the policy throughout the industry cybersecurity and e-commerce” – confirms an old friend of Mr. Mikhailov, founder of the payment system Chronopay Paul Wroblewski. The impact, he believes events in the CDC on the industry, may be assessed only after the appearance of official data from the FSB.

Sergei Mikhailov also participates in the work of public organizations. He, in particular, is part of the Information Security cluster of the Russian Association of Electronic Communications. Cluster Coordinator and Director of Strategic Projects of the Institute of Internet Studies Irina leva told “Kommersant” that at the last meeting on December 12 Mr Mikhailov was not, though he is always present before. She calls it a “very competent” specialist, which “helps achieve understanding between Internet companies and security services.”

Department investigate computer incidents “Kaspersky Lab” in 2013 cooperated with the FSB and MVD within the cyber crime analysis and expert support of criminal cases in the field of cybersecurity. Ruslan Stoyanov to 2006 he worked in the management of special technical activities of the Moscow police ( “K” control). Other department staff also come from the management of the “K”, as well as of the Investigative Committee of Russia, previously reported in the company. “Ruslan Stoyanov is known as a man who knows how to build informal contacts I think that.” Kaspersky Lab “after the incident, think about the need to distance themselves from law enforcement agencies and to build a more formal relationship with the FSB”, – said the chief editor Andrei Soldatov Agentura.ru. FSB, according to him, in any case, and will continue to actively cooperate with the company in the investigation of cyber crime, because “nowhere to go – from” Kaspersky Lab “the best expertise.”

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